#2.12 The Slump

"I hate my haircut." -Felicity

Aired February 6, 2000

Written by J.J. Abrams, Directed by Matt Reeves

Guests: Amy Smart (Ruby), Amy Aquino (Dr. Stinky), Donald Faison (Tracy), Erich Anderson (Mr. Porter), Eve Gordon (Mrs. Porter)

Music: Amy Mann ("Wise Up"), Counting Crows ("Amy Hits the Atmosphere," "Speedway")


Felicity and Ben are in trouble. But you knew that. Their chain smoking counselor (a.k.a. Dr. Stinky) tells them they have to go through alcohol counseling.

Felicity looks lost as she dines with Noel and company.

Ben doesn't like Dr. Stinky. He wants to drop out of school. Felicity's dad drops by.

Noel is mad because Ruby wrote "hi" in an anonymous test booklet. But it's an easy fix not being his girlfriend.

Dr. Stinky informs Felicity that she's a real pro. Felicity insists she doesn't drink.

Felicity breaks down during dinner. Mom gets upset and calls dad "aggressive."

Felicity blames herself for her parents' divorce to Dr. Stinky.

Ben is a lousy basketball player. Ben wants to go to Europe. Felicity thinks he should see the doc.

Ruby fails to get excited by Noel. (okay, if you must know, it was over her paper).

But here's where the moral of the story is: Slalom rhymes with column. That, and Elena has a sexy new lab partner.

Felicity apologizes to Ma at the hot mud place.

Dr. Stinky provokes a reaction from Felicity in a classic "shrink elicits outburst from stoic patient" type scene, a.k.a. Good Will Hunting. Stoic patient reacts. Dr. Stinky calls her a kewpie doll.

Ben did research. We're excited. Felicity thinks a trip to Europe would be... awkward (10 points if you saw that coming).

Noel takes advice from Sexy New Lab Partner.

Felicity learns she was a shotgun baby.

Ruby tells Noel she's late.

Felicity tells Dr. Stinky about her possible trip to Vienna.

Ma and Pa say good bye.

Felicity tells Ben she can't go. He had a feeling. They shoot hoops. The end.

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