#2.13 Truth or Consequences

"She’s pulling an all nighter with her sexy new lab partner." -Noel
"You really should stop referring to him that way." -Ruby

Aired February 13, 2000

Written by Paul Guyot, Directed by Robert M. Williams, Jr.

Guests: Amy Smart (Ruby), Chris Martin (Greg), Amy Aquino (Toni Pavone), Bruce Nozick (Larry), Adam Rodriguez (Erik)

Music: Anyone know?


Ruby's about to take a pregnancy test. But you knew that.

Ben and Felicity have to do community service. Ergo, punishment.

In front of the mirror, Julie's practicing for her meeting with Pop Rocks guy. Sean comes by. She practices on him.

Felicity learns that Ben is also serving his community service at the health center. Like the rest of us, she can't really picture him helping people.

The pregnancy test turns out to be pink [note to potential test takers: thinking of blue things doesn't help].

Ben and Felicity get a tour of the health center from Mean Hair Guy. Ben pretends to know Excel.

Ruby doesn't want to be pregnant. Noel's not too thrilled, himself.

Felicity might be a "com serve," but she's no idiot. At least that what Greg takes her for -- and never mind that Lloyd's bleeding all over the place. Meanwhile, Ben-boy is busy playing video games.

Pop Rocks guy ain't too happy with Julie's puddle song. Erik defends her "puddle."

At the Health Center, Greg gives Ruby and Noel the rundown on the abortion procedure. Ben overhears.

Greg tells Felicity that he wants Excel-boy gone. As in kaput.

Ben tells Noel that he knows about Ruby.

Julie has a freak-out when Ugly Hair Guy (not to be confused with Mean Hair Guy) gets a little too frisky. Ugly Hair Guy, of course, makes like a tree.

Felicity tells Ruby about her mom (who got pregnant at 19).

Felicity gets a Dummy book for Ben. Ben decides to quit the health center.

Ruby decides she can't go through with the abortion.

Felicity tells Dr. Pavone about Noel, who suggests that Felicity be a good friend. That's all.

Noel dismisses his class early. Felicity tells him he's amazing. For what, we're not sure.

Toni tells Ben to stop following the girl around (you know, the one with no hair). And no more self pity.

Julie loses her demo deal. Sean tells Julie that she doesn't owe that Pop Rocks guy a thing.

Ben does the nineties thing and stops by Felicity's--and finds Meghan, instead. He and Felicity go up on the roof. Ben admits that he chose the Health Center because of Felicity.

Ruby decides that she's meant to have the baby, after all.

Note: sorry for the lack of biting commentary, I'm reserving it for Todd Mulcahy's post-comatic appearance. That, or the episode where Ben pronounces every word correctly [see: True Colors].

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