#2.14 True Colors

"I know how easy it is to act like an idiot." -Ben

Aired February 20, 2000

In a nutshell: Elena throws a painting party; Ben is 63% sure of something; Noel discovers the baby isn't his; Meghan falls in lust.

Written by Lawrence Trilling, Directed by Ken Olin

Guests: Amy Smart (Ruby), Donald Faison (Tracy), Robert Patrick Benedict (Richard), Chris Martin (Greg), Ron Perkins (Dr. Martin)

Music: Tara MacLean ("Higher"--Passenger) [Note: this CD will be released on Feb. 29th by Capitol Records, in case you're wondering].


Felicity's in a bad mood. Greg is arrogant. Ben is taking philosophy as his punishment (for the pool break-in). College is hard.

Ruby makes an appointment for her first pre-natal. Noel looks lost. Noel wants to disappear.

Elena tells Julie and Felicity about her painting party. She's invited Tracy, her sexy new lab partner. Felicity learns that Julie's demo deal didn't go through.

Ruby ignores Noel in class. Ben is now a student in Noel's class.

Greg ignores Felicity's suggestion of holding a blood drive. Greg says please.

Ben and Noel bond over options regarding Ruby's pregnancy. Noel learns that Ben knows how to snowboard. Ben once got a girl knocked up, too, so he can relate. Ben knows what it's like to act like an idiot. Enough said.

Felicity gets her heart checked by a four year old. Greg blames Felicity for some missing files. Felicity tells Greg he's rude.

Julie is mopey. Sean suggests a counselor. Julie invites Sean to Elena's painting party.

Ruby tells Felicity about Noel, acting distant.

Noel shows up at the clinic for Ruby's appointment, after all.

Ben invites Meghan to sniff paint. Ben thinks Felicity looks pretty (in an old torn up picture, that is. You know, the one Meghan ripped up in The Force).

Ruby gets her pre-natal. That's when Noel learns the truth: the baby ain't his.

Noel and Ruby fight. Ruby tells him she slept with some producer guy. A disgusting cliche, says Noel.

Richard is back, helping at the paint party. Sean makes quiche. Richard is suspicious about Noel.

Meghan meets Greg and falls in lust. Why, we can't say.

Julie wonders about counselors, out loud, to Felicity. Elena and Tracy arrive, bearing real food. Tracy remembers Richard's satellite dish shenanigans. We learn that Elena wears perfume.

Meghan cross-examines Greg in their room, then invites him to the party.

Sean turns up the radio and dances to "Let it Whip." Long extended dance scene with the entire group. Even Burgeoning Alcoholic Boy joins in. Noel comes home, looking perturbed. Party over.

Meghan and Greg drop by. Greg apologizes to Felicity. Ben is 63% sure that Greg is a dick. Richard learns the truth about Noel. Noel overhears the conversation in his room. Richard has to pee. The gang debate Ruby's situation, and Julie thinks Ruby is the victim. They argue until Noel comes out of hiding and tells them the truth.

Ruby comes by, and everyone leaves. They forget about Richard, who's still peeing.

Ruby apologizes to Noel. Ruby wants to make things work.

Julie tells Sean about her rape last year. Sean says his sister went through the same thing.

Ben hates Greg's hair. Ben can't say "manipulation." Felicity can't figure out why Ben hates Greg so much. Noel comes by the coffeehouse and talks to Ben.

Felicity and Greg work on the files late at night. Felicity learns that Greg is a mess, relationship-wise, and not just hair-wise.

Noel and Ben bond over hoops. Ben makes an allusion to his own life. For someone who confused H.G. Wells with Ralph Ellison, a pretty impressive feat, I'd say.

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