#2.15 Things Change

"Ginkobilololaba." -Javier

Aired February 27, 2000

Written by Andrea Newman, Directed by Elodie Keene

Guests: Amy Smart (Ruby), Donald Faison (Tracy), Chris William Martin (Greg), Erich Anderson (Dr. Porter), Ian Gomez (Javier), Elizabeth Bogush (Pam)

Music: Marmalade; Vertical Horizon ("Everything You Want"--Everything You Want); Matthew Sweet ("If Time Permits"--In Reverse); Amy Cook ("Magic Wand")


Someone has a crunch on Ben. Javier thinks he needs liposuction. And it's only scene one.

Felicity's dad stops by the coffeehouse. A girl gives Ben her number.

The health center needs an extra doctor. So does Meghan, who's more interested in getting felt up by Greg (who's so her flavor).

Javier asks Ben to work an extra shift. Ben is jealous of Greg. Javier forgot to take his ginkobilololaba.

Sexy New Lab Partner tries to give Elena a heart attack. That, and he's overly prepared for their exam.

Ruby ignores Noel in class. Ben asks Noel what he's going to do, other than play basketball.

Felicity finds out that Pops is popping pills.

Felicity and Julie research Pops' drugs. Turns out she's the worst daughter (something about anti-anxiety).

Felicity asks Pops to volunteer his doctorial skills at the underfunded health center.

Ruby wants to change sections. An no, no morning sickness, yet.

Felicity tells Greg about Pops wanting to volunteer.

Ben prepares for his stupid date while Sean rewatches last year's "docuventary."

Ben and Pam do the date thing. Turns out Pam eats a lot, and speaks pretty good Italian. Even if it's all so cosmo-girl.

Dad and Greg get into a tiff over some medical tests. Greg's hair looks decent.

Ben and Pam make out. Ben's head is somewhere else (but you knew that).

Elena and Sexy New Lab Partner study. SNLP outpaces Elena. Elena gets mad.

Dr. Porter is late for his shift at the health center. Felicity finds out he is no longer at the hospital. Lloyd has a new haircut.

Tracy finishes their test early. Tracy can dance.

Javier asks Ben about his date with Italian Girl. Ben and Javier go for brewskis. Javier shares a long winded story about Lola, a show girl who dug him when he was fifteen. Javier thinks Ben is a mess because of Maggie.

Dr. Porter finally arrives at the health center. Felicity tells him she knows The Truth about his job.

Tracy outscores Elena by 3 points on their test.

Noel misses Ruby. Elena thinks Noel should forgive Ruby.

Noel tells Ruby that he can't go through with it.

Felicity learns the truth: Pops is lonely, and misses Ma.

Ben thinks Greg is a dick. Sean admits his fear of Pink Power Ranger rejection. Ben thinks he's ready for romance, or commitment, or something that has to do with someone else's hair. Sean tells him to go for it.

Felicity asks Greg about their review. Greg and Felicity share an intimate cup of cider. Ben sees. Ben gets upset. The end.

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