#2.19 Running Mates

"Next thing you know you're fishing hookers out of the Hudson." -Noel

Aired April 26, 2000

Written by Josh Reims, Directed by Robert M. Williams, Jr.

Guests: Ian Gomez (Javier), Amy Smart (Ruby), Chris William Martin (Greg), Robert Patrick Benedict (Richard), Donald Faison (Tracy), Keiko Agena (Lela), Eric Kushnik

Music: Vitamin C ("As we go on" - Smile); Fuzzbubble (Fuzzbubble); Apollo 440 (Gettin' high on your own supply); Chantal Kreviazuk (Colour moving and still)


Javier's giving out free coupons for Felicity's campaign. "Chia Head" learns that Greg may be sabotaging her campaign. Campaigning is hard.

Felicity asks Greg about the sabotaging. Greggie's more interested in a weekend getaway.

As Ben and Noel help out with her campaign, Felicity refuses to believe Ben's sabotage theory.

Chia decides to get dirty after all, along with all the other poster ripping candidates [a funny scene involving mass destruction of paper, much to the dismay of pro-recyclers and eco-environmentalists, I'm sure].

Elena prepares for her lobster date with Tracy while Julie offers to "take care" of Noel.

Ben confronts the saboteur / graffiti artist (Andre) while Hairboy and Busboy get into a slightly heated exchange over Hairboy's use of the word "girlfriend" in context with Chia.

Ben dishes Hairboy's drug past to Barbecue Boy [for those of you who started watching in Season 2, that's Richard, who will therein be referred to as "Pizza Boy"].

Ruby tells Noel about dropping "da baby bomb" to the 'rents --only she doesn't plan on telling that Dad guy.

Chia discovers that her campaign materials have been stolen from her room.

Chia confronts Hairboy about the stolen items, who of course denies it.

Chia decides to break into Andre's room with the help of Sean's spy gear (but not his lingerie collection). As Noel ponders over hookers, Ben's face falls when Chia blurts out that it's all just a game.

Ben tells Pizza Boy not to spread the Hairboy-drug rumor, but it's too late.

Tracy abruptly ditches his liplock session with Elena.

Julie advises Noel to encourage Ruby to tell Dad about Junior or Juniorette.

Elena's still mad at Liplock Boy for running out on her.

Ben and Chia break into Andres' room, where they stumble across the Mother Lode -- everyone's campaign stuff.

Chia learns that Hairboy's drug past has been exposed, and Hairboy has the poster to prove it. Chia refuses to believe that Bus Boy is responsible.

Elena learns that Tracy doesn't believe in premarital sex.

In full spy headgear, Sean advises Ben against telling Chia the truth about exposing Hairboy's secret.

Noel advises Ruby to tell Wade (Daddio) the truth.

Ben denies involvement in the Hairboy drug scandal.

As the candidates debate the issues, Greg gets grilled about his drug past while both Meggie and Chia jump to his defense.

The election results are in: not Chia and not Hairboy [and Pizza Boy ain't too happy about his tie].

Chia and Hairboy make a date for dinner, instead of a weekend.

Noel tells Julie that Ruby's changed her mind about telling Daddio. Felicity thanks Noel for his campaign help.

Elena and Tracy decide to be "makeout buddies."

Felicity learns the truth about Ben's involvement from Pizza Boy.

Felicity changes her mind about Hairboy's weekend getaway plans.

Ben learns from Meggie "wha not yeah" that Chia and Greg have taken off for Rhinebeck.

Chia and Greg drive off to Rhinebeck while some cool music plays in the background.

Ben buys a ticket to Rhinebeck.

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