2.20: Ben was here

"That's the dumbest theory I ever heard." -Ben

Aired May 3, 2000

Written by J.J. Abrams, Directed by Lawrence Trilling

Guests: Amy Smart (70's girl), Ian Gomez (Javi-ay), Chris William Martin (Mean Hair Boy), Donald Faison (Wallpaper boy), Scott Paetty (Daddio)

Tunes: Sister Seven

Bee's much more detailed summary of this episode


Chia and Hair Boy arrive at Rhinebeck, with Ben close behind.

Meanwhile, Ben's got Sean's cell phone, leaving Sean with his Dean and Deluca shift (sounds fair to me).

Meggie's just got a leaky pipe (gum doesn't work).

Tracy arrives at Elena's bearing some guy named Vincent, and a bunch of wallpaper samples.

Ben's spying doesn't seem to be going well. Sean's just thinking about Mr. Dean and Mr. Deluca. Javi-ay's thinking about college.

Ruby tells Noel she's nervous about meeting Daddio (Wade).

Meggie's leak is getting worse.

Felicity and Hair Boy get cozy by the non-fire. That's when Ben shows up, causing Chia to literally slam the door in his face despite his attempts to apologize about the drug rumor thing.

Albeit indirectly, Ben upsets Chia's later attempts to make out with Hair Boy, who thinks she's still hung up on Swim Trunks.

Julie, Elena and Noel return to an emulsified version of their former apartment (courtesy of Tracy and his sandblaster).

Chia returns to the newly damaged dorms and an irritable Meggie, who's packing her bags.

Elena, Julie and Noel crash at Sean's loft. Sean makes s'mores. Ben seems happy that Chia came home.

In the cafeteria / crash pad, Chia asks Hair Boy to dinner as he assists with emergency medical care (um, it's a broken pipe, not an earthquake).

Chia tells Ruby the "I followed a guy with funny hair all the way to the Big Apple after he wrote something generic in my yearbook" story during their cafeteria sleepover.

Chia rereads Ben's yearbook entry.

Javi-ay thinks Chia should reinspect the new Benjameen (glasses included).

Julie offers the loft to Felicity and Ruby.

At the loft, Sean whips out the games, and Meggie arrives unexpectedly.

Cut to an extended, wordless, montage-y scene of various games being played -- pun intended.

At this point, Sean finally gets the call: the Independent Film Channel has picked up Docuventary II. Elated, he unexpectedly plants a big one on Julie (no, not a watch). Numerous other things then happen in rapid succession, including: the gang gets to witness said big one; Daddio shows up; Meggie blurts out something inappropriate (with the phrase "knocked up"); Hair Boy shows up for his date with Felicity; Noel calls Meggie rude; Meggie encourages "someone" to leave. Ruby and Felicity quickly exit with respective yuck-sters (though Wade ain't half bad).

Using a Sarah MacLachlan analogy, Meggie advises Swim Trunks to go for it with Chia.

Chia and Greg do dinner.

Sean professes his love to a speechless Julie.

Ben similarly professes his love to Chia --during her date with Hair Boy, appropriately enough. A heated exchange follows, during which Chia accuses Swim Trunks of consistently making overtures while she's engaged in other relationships (that's how Swim Trunk-wearing people operate) -- that, and making it all about the chase. Swim Trunks of course denies it, but by this time Hair Boy has quite frankly had enough. He punches Swim Trunks in the face.

Chia advises Swim Trunks to 'put some ice on it.' Aargh.

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