#2.9 Portraits

"I'm still recovering from my 200 proof hangover." -200 proof Noel

Aired December 19, 1999

Written by Jed Seidel, Directed by Lawrence Trilling

Guests: Amy Smart (Ruby), Simon Rex (Eli), Adam Rodriguez (record executive), Sally Kirkland (Professor Sherman), Tinsley Grimes (Bruce)



Felicity's criticizing a painting. Professor Sherman's calling her a slut. Is this a dream?

Felicity's room

The alarm goes off. Apparently so.


Noel apologizes for the kiss. They both seem to think Sherman will hold it against them.

Tape session

Felicity thinks the kiss has screwed her up. But you knew that.


Felicity and Noel choose each other for self portraits. Which only means one thing: a lot of Felicity-and-Noel-staring-at-each-other-into-oblivion scenes are coming up.

The loft

Sean's excited about new Smoothaise prospects. Julie's excited about an upcoming gig. Ben's slamming doors. Can anyone say conflict?

Felicity's room

She's dreaming, again. Noel's there, so is Eli, Ben and Lucky, the French speaking dog. Noel's voice snaps her out of it. Somehow, they fall asleep together.


Elena gives her the talk. Felicity's still hung up on Noel. Noel's still hung up on Ruby. Pass me an anesthetic.

Noel's place

Felicity decides to confront Noel about her feelings. Unfortunately, Ruby's there.

Noel's place

Felicity finds Noel's Christmas present for Ruby: a Palm Pilot. For someone who's technically broke, he sure has a lot of money. Felicity finally tells him The Truth. Noel's legs start to buckle.

Epstein Bar

A record guy approaches Julie. Sean approaches Julie. The record guy gives her his card. Sean gives her a hug. Call it a draw.


Felicity tells Elena about Noel. Felicity meets Elena's slow talking lab partner. Felicity wants Noel. Elena wants Felicity to move on (okay, so she didn't say that exactly. But she was definitely thinking it).


Ruby and Noel are studying. Noel gives her the Palm Pilot.


Sean thinks Eric's trying to hit on Julie. Julie gets mad. Ben's trying to do his paper. Ben gets mad.

Someone's room

Noel's drawing a really cute tomato. Felicity's doing his eyes. They do the staring thing, then the near kissing thing. Elena interrupts before they can go through with it. Aargh.

Felicity's room

Yet another dream sequence. Ruby's in bed with Felicity, complaining about Noel's gift. Maybe she's just wishing that Noel was more like Felicity, in bed. But don't get me started.


Ben's frustrated. Sean wishes he could trade places with Ben. Ben confuses H.G. Well's Invisible Man with Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man, wondering how a man wrapped in bandages has anything to do with the oppression of African Americans in society. Ben feels like a total idiot. Enough said. Julie comes in and announces she's getting a contract. Sean's happy for her even though his Smoothaise deal fell through.

Felicity's room

Ruby's thinking of buying a plane ticket to L.A. for Noel. We're happy that Noel may be leaving. Felicity's not.


Noel thinks Felicity's throwing him a curveball. Felicity thinks Noel's dodging the question. Both think their near kiss meant something, or would have, had they continued without interruption. Noel is indecisive as to whether or not he should re-date Felicity. This editor thinks...

Felicity's room

Ruby confronts Felicity about Noel. Felicity denies it. Ruby is happy. Ruby is easily appeased [see: The Love Bug]


Sean proofreads Ben's paper. This time, it's about the right Invisible guy.


Felicity thinks Noel should go to L.A., with Ruby. Professor Sherman doesn't criticize their art work after all.

Outside of class

Felicity thanks 200 proof Annie for her generous critique.


Felicity takes a cab to the airport. She gives Noel a kiss on the cheek. It's over, they're going home. Thank God.

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