Sophomore year

#1 Sophomoric
#2 The List
#3 Ancient History
#4 The Depths
#5 Crash
#6 The Love Bug
#7 Getting Lucky
#8 Family Affairs
#9 Portraits
#10 Great Expectations
#11 Help for the Lovelorn
#12 The Slump
#13 Truth or Consequences
#14 True Colors
#15 Things Change
#16 Revolutions
#17 Docuventary II
#18 Party Lines
#19 Running Mates
#20 Ben was here
#21 The Aretha Theory
#22 Final Answer
#23 The Biggest Deal There Is

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#1 Sophomoric: Aired September 26, 1999

Felicity's decision to date Ben causes problems with Julie and Noel; Julie moves into the loft with Sean and Ben; Elena buys a hideous new table; Meggy tries to be a good listener; Noel acts like an ass.

#2 The List: Aired October 3, 1999

Ben does the guy thing; Felicity counsels a lovelorn advisee; Julie throws a party; Sean uses a monkey analogy; Noel does Gwyneth.

#3 Ancient History: Aired Wednesday, October 10, 1999

Felicity gets the art bug; Noel disses Felicity's hair; Ben and Sean get home cookin'; Noel falls for a lesbian; Elena loses her lab partner; Julie makes cereal.

#4 The Depths: Aired Wednesday, October 17, 1999

Felicity hears that Julie has started performing a song called "Felicity" that advertises terrible things about her. On her way to meet Noel and Ruby at the museum, Felicity find herself trapped in a subway car for many hours with Julie and an odd collection of strangers that get caught up in the drama between the two girls. When Felicity doesn't meet them, Noel and Ruby find themselves on more of an intimate date and end up locking lips. Felicity and Julie spot some of the elusive "mole people," people that live underground in the subway tunnels, and one of them turns out to be Meghan. Sean tries to find a name for the new condiment he has created. At work, Ben meets Maggie, a somewhat rude, but beautiful woman, who apologizes for her rudeness and ends up inviting him to a party.

#5 Crash: Aired October 24, 1999

Felicity dates her professor's antisocial son, David; Noel and Elena take video game advice from a seven year old; Ben and Maggie bond over muffins; Felicity decides that Noel is an A-list guy.

#6 The Love Bug: Aired October 31, 1999

Felicity gets mono; Ruby gets Tom Cruise; Noel flicks an eyelash; Ben and Maggie do it.

#7 Getting Lucky: Aired November 14, 1999

Felicity finds a dog; Felicity loses a dog; Felicity avoids scoring because of the dog; the dog gets put to sleep; Felicity scores, after all; Ben meets Catering Lady's husband.

#8 Family Affairs: Aired November 21, 1999

Felicity's parents drop by unexpectedly; Noel and Felicity kiss; Professor Sherman spikes the punch; Sean makes Smoothaise (yet again); Meghan ignores her advisees.

#9 Portraits: Aired December 19, 1999

Felicity goes after Noel; a record exec goes after Julie; Elena gets a slow talking lab partner; Ben confuses Ralph Ellison with H.G. Wells; Noel chooses the girl with hair.

#10 Great Expectations: Aired January 16, 2000

Felicity learns her parents are separating; Noel becomes a T.A.; Elena sews a frightening peace offering; a guy with weird hair hits on Julie (not that guy, another one).

#11 Help for the Lovelorn: Aired January 23, 2000

Felicity visits a Clinic; Ben combs his hair; Noel takes off his shirt; Meghan bares the contents of her box (well, sort of).

#12 The Slump: Aired February 6, 2000

Felicity sees a chain smoking counselor; Noel calls Ruby "baby," Elena gets a new lab partner; Ben wants to drop out.

#13 Truth or Consequences: Aired February 13, 2000

Ruby is pregnant; Ben's a Dummy; Felicity clashes with Mean Hair Guy; Julie plays the puddle song.

#14 True Colors: Aired February 20, 2000

Elena throws a painting party; Ben is 63% sure of something; Noel discovers the baby isn't his; Meghan falls in lust.

#15 Things Change: Aired February 27, 2000

Ben likes Felicity; Greg likes Felicity; Dr. Porter pops some pills; Elena gets annoyed by Sexy New Lab Partner.

#16 Revolutions: Aired April 5, 2000

Felicity starts a protest; Ben and Noel get into a fistfight; Julie opens up about her rape; Ben wins.

#17 Docuventary II: Aired April 12, 2000

Sean and Richard do the docuventary thing; Ben threatens Hair Boy; Noel loses his midterms; Tracy has a rabbit.

#18 Party Lines: Aired April 19, 2000

Hair Boy runs for student body president; Felicity gives a speech; Ben says Loser; Richard offers free pizza.

#19 Running Mates: Aired April 26, 2000

Hairboy's campaigning gets dirty; Ben exposes Greg's drug past; Ruby decides to tell the birth father about Junior; Richard eats pizza.

#20 Ben was here: Aired May 3, 2000

Ben interrupts Felicity's romantic weekend; Hair boy punches Ben; Sean kisses Julie; Tracy wears an oxygen mask.

#21 The Aretha Theory: Aired May 10, 2000

Meggie takes Fel and co. to some sort of rave; Benjy gives Chia a reel of film; Tracy refurbishes Elena's apartment; Noel and Ruby get close (no cloves, this time).

#22 Final Answer: Aired May 17, 2000

Feli and Ben do the kissing thing; Ruby ditches Noel; Feli misses her final; Meggy calls Elena 'Yoko.'

#23 The Biggest Deal There Is: Aired May 24, 2000

Ben says the big 3 words (anathin ain't one of them); Noel disappears; Julie learns that Birth Pops is sick; Sean and Meggie do it.

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