Season 3, Episode 2: The Anti-Natalie Intervention

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Aired: Wednesday, October 11, 2000

Rating: 3.4/5


Full synopsis

Written by Jennifer Levin
Directed by Jack Bender

Guest starring
Donald Faison as Tracy
Ali Landry as Natalie
Chris Engen as Finn
Robert Patrick Benedict as Richard
Ian Gomez as Javier
Featured music
"How Does It Feel" by Polywog (everyone talking about Noel)
"Spectre Chaser" by King Lear Jet (Noel & Natalie arrive at party)
"Culture of Resistance" by B-side Players (dinner party)
"Troubled Mind" by Catie Curtis (Noel & Felicity in hallway)
"Bright Yellow Bucket" by Weak Lazy Liar (Finn almost kisses Elena)
"Truth" by Joe 90 (Ben & Felicity waiting)

Why wasn't John Ritter in the credits as Ben's dad? What is up with the credits of this show? They screwed up last week too.

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