Season 3, Episode 3: Hello, I Must Be Going

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Aired: Wednesday, October 18, 2000

Rating: 2.6/4


Full synopsis

Written by Josh Reims
Directed by Lou Antonio

Guest starring
Sarah-Jane Potts as Molly
Ali Landry as Natalie
Gerald W. Abrams as Judge David Amanin
Dierdre Holder as resident
Featured music
"One Day" by Katthult (opening song)
"Letting Go" by Kit Hain (Julie's first attempt at taping herself)
"Because of You" by Kit Hain (Molly cooking dinner)
"Perfect World" by Jamestowne (Natalie gives Noel RAM and other scenes around that)
"Disheartened" by Jamestowne (Natalie and Sean storm out and scenes around that)
"Latter Days" by Over the Rhine (watching Julie's tape)

Where has Felicity been living?

Why is John Ritter never in the credits?

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