Season 3, Episode 7: Kissing Mr. Covington

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Aired: Wednesday, November 15, 2000

Rating: 3.0/4


Written by Jennifer Levin
Directed by Harry Winer

Guest starring
Sarah-Jane Potts as Molly
Donald Faison as Tracy
Arthur Taxier
Spencer Knowles
Nicki Micheaux as Alicia
Special guest star Tyra Banks as Jane Scott

Chris Engen as Finn
Featured music
"Disco Nights" by GQ (Felicity dancing in her apt.)
"I'll Tell Lies" by Terri Bright (Elena and Finn at bar)
"Jinx Tattoo" by Tree Adams
"Confetti" by Gus
"d'Jazz" by The Jeep Jazz Project
"Say Buddy" by The Jeep Jazz Project
"Amsterdam" by Sebastian Robertson and Raney Shockne

Why is John Ritter (Ben's dad) never in the credits when he appears on the show?

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