Junior year

#1 The Christening
#2 The Anti-Natalie Intervention
#3 Hello, I Must Be Going
#4 Greeks and Geeks
#5 Surprise
#6 One Ball, Two Strikes
#7 Kissing Mr. Covington
#8 A Good Egg
#9 James and the Giant Piece
#10 Final Touches
#11 And to All a Good Night
#12 Girlfight
#13 Blackout
#14 Break-Up Kit
#15 Senioritis
#16 It's Raining Men
#17 The Last Summer Ever

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#1 The Christening: Aired Wednesday, October 4, 2000

Everyone starts the new year of school. Javier is now a freshman. Felicity and Ben move in together in a hell-hole studio apartment. No one has heard from Noel. Meghan moves in with Julie and Elena.

#2 The Anti-Natalie Intervention: Aired Wednesday, October 11, 2000

Noel's friends make him see that he really shouldn't be married to Natalie. Ben's father reaches out to Ben, and then lets him down all over again. Elena almost cheats on Tracy with the cute boy across the hall, but Julie ends up with him instead.

#3 Hello, I Must Be Going: Aired Wednesday, October 18, 2000

Ben finds out his father is missing. Felicity is upset when Ben is able to talk to Julie and not her. Julie finally admits that could have saved her father's life. Sean thinks Meghan doesn't like his nose. Noel finds out that Natalie gets a large inheritance by being married. Molly, the British exchange student, moves in.

#4 Greeks and Geeks: Aired Wednesday, October 25, 2000

Noel uses Tracy's old lap-top computer to train for a job in computer support, but after they've hosed the hard drive they find out that a month of Elena's work on a paper was on it. Noel calls the computer support office for help and then shows up the super-nerd by fixing the problem after the super-nerd had given up. Meghan gets a job as a phone-sex girl and Sean doesn't like it. Felicity is depressed about Julie's leaving and Julie's mom calling on the phone doesn't help. Meghan takes Felicity out to a frat party and loses her. Felicity wakes up in some strange man's bed, half-naked, and doesn't remember what happened. Ben preps a nervous Javier for his citizenship test, which Javier passes, and learns some patriotic pride along the way. Felicity finds drugs in the closet when she's moving into Julie's old room. She asks Molly about it, and Molly says it looks like crystal meth, which her brother used to do, but it's not hers. When Julie finally calls, Felicity finds out that the drugs definitely don't belong to Julie either.

#5 Surprise: Aired Wednesday, November 1, 2000

As Ben makes plans to celebrate her birthday, Felicity wrestles with the aftereffects of a wild night out. Meanwhile, Sean discovers a potentially serious medical problem when he goes to the doctor (Jim Jansen), but he won't take the appropriate test or tell Meghan. And Noel gets his first computer-emergency call, which leads to an unhappy surprise. Randy: James Carpinello. Toni Pavone: Amy Aquino. Reims: Nate Dushku.

Rating: 3.0/5

#6 One Ball, Two Strikes: Aired Wednesday, November 8, 2000

Noel tells Richard that he knows Richard is gay, but Noel might be off-base. Sean learns that his medical condition is more serious than he realized. Elsewhere, Felicity asks Randy to confirm her story to Ben that nothing happened between them, and Elena has an embarrassing encounter with Finn.

#7 Kissing Mr. Covington: Aired Wednesday, November 15, 2000

Ben's dad comes back into town, worried about his son after getting a call from the hospital. When Ben won't see him, Mr. Covington goes to see Felicity, who then tries to convince Ben to patch things up with his dad. When Ben says he still won't see his father, Mr. Covington breaks down in Felicity's apartment. She gives him a comforting hug, and he tries to kiss her. Ben finally says that he'll see his dad, and Felicity tries to be supportive, but when Ben wants Felicity and his dad to go out together to a play, Felicity can't help but show her discomfort at being alone with Mr. Covington. Ben confronts his dad, finds out what happened, and tells his dad he doesn't ever want to see him again. Felicity does manage to convince Ben to go to an Al-Anon meeting where he sees Molly. Sean, after making his pact with God, becomes ultra-Jewish and breaks up with Meghan because she is Wiccan. She is bitter, but Sean gets some advice from a fellow patient, a rabbi, and goes to her and proposes marriage. They're both happy with the decision to get back together as a couple but not actually get engaged yet. Noel uses Jane's email password to read her correspondence with a friend and use it to get her to like him. Elena is feeling guilty over kissing Finn. Noel and Elena vow to tell Jane and Tracy the truth. Noel isn't able to go through with it. Elena isn't able to go through with it either, but through a misunderstanding Tracy finds out from Finn.

#8 A Good Egg: Aired Wednesday, November 22, 2000

Javier and Samuel decide to have a child together and ask Felicity if she would donate an egg. She originally says yes, but then Ben talks her out of it, so they decide to go with a donor who is a Smith grad named Patty. Patty wants to briefly meet the mother and father of her future child, so Javier convinces Felicity to pose as his wife. They pull off the scam, but Patty busts Javier and Samuel together later and is horrified by the idea of donating an egg to a gay couple. Felicity feels even more strongly now that she'd like to help, but she realizes that she couldn't donate an egg to a couple she knows because then she'd watch the child grow up and she's not ready to be a mother. Noel finally convinces Jane to give up on some male childhood friend that she's tangled up with and they go to bed together. However, Noel gets a conscious and admits to her what he's been doing with her email password, and she kicks him out. Noel later finds out that she ran to her childhood friend later that night and slept with him... when Richard proudly announces that he lost his virginity to his friend, Jane Scott. Ben finds himself in a tough situation when he finds out through Al-Anon and Molly is dating a drug-user named James who is a bad influence on her, and the drugs that Felicity found in the closet were, indeed, Molly's. Tracy dumps Elena after finding out she cheated on him and she writes him a letter telling him how sorry she is and how much she still cares for him. He is unable to forgive her.

#9 James and the Giant Piece: Aired Wednesday, November 29, 2000

Elena goes through self-doubt when her affair with McGrath comes out during an investigation into the many student affairs McGrath has had. Tracy helps her through it even though he's still mad at her. Felicity and Noel collaborate on an online cartoon called Loser Pet Store. Ben gets more worried about Molly and tries to get her into rehab, but instead she brings her boyfriend, James, to live in the apartment with Felicity and the gang. When Molly misses a rehab appointment, Ben decides that he has to get James out of the apartment, and while grabbing the guy's bags dislodges a gun that falls to the floor. Ben is finally too worried about Felicity not to tell her the truth, and together they confront Molly. Molly leaves to be with James. Meghan runs into old friends and feels like her life has gotten boring lately. When Sean won't come out and be wild with her, she dumps him and goes to the Fetish Ball, but once there she realizes her old friends are losers and she actually would rather be with Sean. When she gets back to the loft, she finds out that he got all dressed up in a fetish costume and went to the ball to find her even though it was the Sabbath.

#10 Final Touches: Aired Wednesday, December 6, 2000

Felicity finds out that she never dropped a class that she meant to, and now, without having attended a single meeting of the class, she has to get an A on the final in order to pass. At the same time, Felicity and Noel need to complete a proposal for Loser Pet Store on a very short deadline. Felicity does her best to do both, but when Noel questions her committment to Loser Pet Store she admits she's overloaded. Noel helps her study for her final and she feels like she did well on it, but she falls asleep after pulling an all-nighter and they only have one day to complete their proposal. Molly comes running back to her old roommates after James scares her by pulling a gun on her when high. Ben tries to supports her in her break up, but she ends up going back to James instead. Sean and Meghan haven't had sex successfully since his surgery, and the tension in their relationship shows when they help Richard audition students for sexy calendars to raise money for the student fund. Sean and Meghan are finally honest with each other about their feelings and finish their reconciliation in bed. Elena and Tracy agree to be friends, but Elena is upset when Tracy considers being featured in the sexy student calendar. Tracy finally decides it's time to get back with Elena and they end up having sex for the first time.

#11 And to All a Good Night: Aired Wednesday, December 13, 2000

Felicity's mother, Barbara, comes to visit and gets a bad impression of Ben. Barbara would much rather her daughter be dating Noel, and points out that Noel obviously still has feelings for Felicity. Ben and Felicity fight over Barbara being judgmental of Ben, but Ben finally sits down with Barbara and tells her that he thinks she's judging him too quickly, and that he cares deeply for her daughter. Felicity and Ben are going to spend the holidays together in Florida. Noel does pine after Felicity while they work on the first real episode of Loser Pet Store. Tracy, feeling guilty about having pre-marital sex with Elena, decides to take a unique opportunity to spend next semester in Africa doing AIDS education. Sean comes up with a new money-making scheme that involves selling Christmas trees, but Meghan is upset because she says that Sean stole her idea and won't cut her in. Meghan sabotages the tree operation out of spite, but Sean ends up finding the holiday spirit and giving away trees, and Meghan ends up forgiving him. James is still harassing Molly even though she's in rehab and adamant about not talking to him. He finally shows up at the girl's holiday party and walks in pointing a gun.

#12 Girlfight: Aired Wednesday, April 18, 2001

The girl who was shot at Felicity's party, Avery, becomes obsessed with Ben. Noel is in a funk. Elena finds out Tracy's in love with someone else. Meghan becomes an assistant teacher at a preschool.

#13 Blackout: Aired Wednesday, April 25, 2001

Meghan's old (female) friend Chris comes into town to visit. Sean is excited to show the fellow filmaker his documentary, but a Manhattan blackout during a storm puts a crimp in his plan. Meanwhile, Chris, who recently got engaged, is interested in following through on a one-night stand she and Meghan shared four years ago. Meghan tells Chris she likes men and she's in love with Sean, and convinces Chris that she should face up to her own sexuality and not pin all her desires on Meghan. Sean and Meghan break up when he freaks out that his girlfriend might be gay, but she convinces him she's only interested in him and they happily reunite. Avery continues to pursue Ben, and Noel, realizing that she's just using him to get to his roommate, breaks up with her. Felicity tries to be tolerant of Ben's relationship with Avery, but when she finds out that Avery is helping Ben cheat on a test, Ben is wearing the watch that she gave him, and Ben and Avery are alone together in the dark in his apartment, she can't take it anymore. Avery teases Ben with a trip to her parents' house in South Hampton. Noel considers taking an internet job in Seattle after graduation. Elena becomes convinced that Tracy dumped her because her boobs are too small, and oddly enough, it's Richard who helps convince her that her boobs are just fine.

#14 The Break-Up Kit: Aired Wednesday, May 2, 2001

Molly returns to New York. Noel tries to comfort Felicity when Ben goes off to South Hampton with Avery. Elena, temporarily blind, meets a new man, DeForrest, with whom she agrees to go out sight unseen. Meghan holds a seance and reaches Sean's dead grandmother.

#15 Senioritis: Aired Wednesday, May 9, 2001

After Noel finds out from Avery about the kiss with Ben in South Hampton, Noel and Ben are at eachother's throats and Felicity can't figure out why. Noel gets the coveted job in Seattle and, while he and Felicity are celebrating by TPing the library, offers Felicity a position there too for the summer. When Ben won't return her phone calls, Avery attempts suicide and calls him to her hospital room. Felicity tries to be understanding, but when she finds out about the kiss in South Hampton, she puts her foot down. After finding bits of the break-up kit, Ben tells Felicity that what Avery is doing is no worse than what Noel is doing. Ben finally tells Avery he can't see her anymore and to stop calling him. When Felicity confronts him, Noel kisses her and asks her if she still has feelings for him. Sean wants to have a barmitzvah and introduces Meghan to the gorgeous female rabbi who has been assisting him. Meghan gets jealous and tells Sean that they should break up because they are just too different. On the rabbi's advice, Sean convinces Meghan they should go to couples therapy. DeForrest tries to kiss Elena while they're studying for the MCATs together and she pulls away. Later she feels guilty, because she really thinks he's cool but isn't attracted to him because he's fat. Elena tries to kiss DeForrest to prove she's not shallow, but DeForrest tells her he doesn't want a pity kiss.

#16 It's Raining Men: Aired Wednesday, May 16, 2001

Chest pains force Javier to spend a few days in the hospital, and he leaves Felicity in charge Dean & DeLuca during finals. Felicity rejects Noel's advances and he says that they can't be friends anymore. Ben and Felicity reconcile and Ben's plans for a summer job in Boulder fall through. Sean and Meghan go to couples therapy, and when Sean shows his vulnerable side Meghan realizes that what she says does actually hurt him. Sean has his barmitvah. Elena and DeForrest go out and have a great time together, and she finally convinces him that she's actually interested in him.

#17 The Last Summer Ever: Aired Wednesday, May 23, 2001

Felicity thinks it would be fun to go camping in Maine with Ben for the summer, and Ben is on board with the plan, but he also admits that he was thinking of going to a training course to be a paramedic. Felicity continues to try to mend her relationship with Noel as he is in the process of graduating. Ruby comes to see Noel graduate and to find out if there's a chance that they could be together. She realizes they can't be because Noel is in love with Felicity. Felicity and Noel finally reconnect as friends. Ben realizes he really does want to go to paramedic training, so Felicity and Ben decide to spend the summer apart. Meghan and Sean fight when she assumes that they'll be spending the summer at her parents' place in Switzerland like they did last summer, but they end up going with that plan anyway. Since Felicity isn't going camping with Ben, she decides to stay in the empty loft for the summer. Noel's job in Seattle falls through since "the internet's dead," and he ends up back in the loft with Felicity. Tracy comes back into Elena's life, and after she breaks up with a noble DeForrest, Tracy proposes marriage to her and she faints.

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