Quotes from Blackout

Noel: What is that?
Elena: Is it too much?
Noel: Not if you're nursing triplets.

Meghan: I don't know what I was thinking when I told you about me and Chris. Was I drunk or something?
Felicity: Yeah, you were pretty drunk.

Felicity: I can't believe you're dating her.
Noel: No, no, we're not dating.
Felicity: You hang out and you have sex, that's called dating.

Meghan: I didn't see a reason to tell you.
Sean: Really?! You know what? If I happened to have one romantic night with a friend who had a penis, I think you'd probably want to know about that.
Meghan: Not really!

Meghan: Don't worry, because you don't have a girlfriend anymore.
Sean: You know what? I may not, but do you?

Meghan: I love Sean. I love guys. I wish I didn't, they're such idiots.

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