Season 4, Episode 8: The Last Thanksgiving

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Aired: Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Rating: 2.4/4

Written by Josh Reims
Directed by David Petrarca

Guest starring
Christopher Gorham as Trevor O'Donnell
Lisa Edelstein as Lauren
Eddie McClintock as Ryan Crane
Daniela Lunkewitz as Dana
Jason Azikiwe as locksmith
Featured music
"Linda's Song" by Danny Pelfrey
"Sleepless" by Jann Arden
"Halfway House" by The Actual Tigers
"Every Broken Heart" by Spike Priggen
"Cured" by Adam Daniel
"Here When We Started" by Micah Green reports that "Linda's Song" is the much-asked about instrumental piano piece that has been used in several Season 4 episodes, during serious Felicity/Ben relationship scenes. The song was originally used in season 2 as "Ruby's Theme", during scenes when Noel and Ruby were dealing with her pregnancy. Danny Pelfrey originally wrote the song 12 years ago for his wife Linda, and that is why it's called "Linda's Song". For more information on the background behind this song, please read the official press release. You can also read an email from Danny here.

To listen to a sample, go to Danny Pelfrey's official web site, click on Music, and then listen to samples 11 and 14.

By the way, Danny really enjoys hearing from fans of his music, so don't be afraid to send him a note and let him know how much you like this song.

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