The book from hell: "Felicity's Summer Vacation" reviewed

By Stephanie

Hyperion Publishing and Touchstone Pictures and Television have a new book
out which is supposed to be about Felicity's summer vacation. Let me
summarize by saying, if you haven't bought the book yet, DON'T!!!!!

It is full of inconsistencies regarding the season premiere. If you are a
Noel + Felicity fan, or if you are a Ben + Felicity fan, believe me. You
will be seriously disappointed by this book, no matter which guy you prefer.
It is a waste of money and paper. I am not kidding. I was terribly excited
about getting this book and it was a complete let-down.

Basically, it starts out with Felicity on the plane headed to Berlin with
Noel, which of course is totally off base, according to the season premiere.
Then, just when she and Noel are about to go "all the way", she makes the
mistake of saying something like, "Oh, Ben." (Which is the best part of the
book, by the way. Not because I am a fan of Ben, but just because it was so

They fight, and she goes home to Palo Alto. Here are the parts that really
disappointed me. And I will number them by the disgust factor. One being
most disgusting. Six being the least disgusting, but still pretty stupid.

1. Ben ignores her all summer.
2. She actually calls Julie, who tells her that SHE has talked to Ben.
3. She gets some weird bacterial infection and complains of really bad gas.
4. Noel sets up a website dedicated to her. (Absolutely sick, I think.)
5. She has a mild crush on Dr. Kessler, her boss. (Who's already cheating on
his wife)
6. She sees Ben in a coffee shop and he ignores her. (He's with another

Simply put, don't waste your time on this book. Believe me.