Felicity Enters The Zone

Source: EW, Jan. 7, 2000

When the Felicity folks started filming their January 23 tribute to the
sci-fi classic The Twilight Zone, the cast and crew travelled through a
new dimension of sight and sound. "Keri [Russell] is like Janet Leigh in
this episode - it's incredible," says series cocreator J.J. Abrams.
"When you see her, you cannot believe she's not a 1950s TV or movie
star." The black-and-white episode features our heartsick heroine
stumbling apon a place called the Clinic, which claims to cure the
lovelorn. Inspired after attending a Twilight Zone tribute, Abrams
consulted with veteran Zone writer George Clayton Johnson, then scripted
a reverent parody and tapped Zone's Lamont Johnson to direct the
episode (which was shot using vintage cameras). Question is, will
Felicity's young fans get the joke? Assures Abrams, "I think we have a
smart, clever audience that will embrace the challenge."

Thanks to Marie Nyblom for transcribing this.