Ben or Noel

by Henneman

Dear Sally,
This has to be the hardest thing I'll have to do in my life, choose the guy who loves me so
much, or follow my dream. The reason I came her was Ben, I loved him so much, I think I still do. Noel
has been so good to me, but how can I turn my back on my one true love. Sure I told Noel I loved him,
but was it a lie??? I will only love one man, and that's Ben. I no where I have to go, I have to fulfil my
dream. I no I sound like a heartless bitch, but how can I do something that doesn't feel right in my
heart. I can't always do things that will suit other people, for once in my life I'm going to put me first,
going to get what I want. And I want Ben so much it hurts. But I don't think I can hurt Noel. I want Ben,
but I don't want to hurt Noel or Julie, I'm so confused.


Noel see Felicity and runs to her.

N: Wow I thought you weren't going to come.
F: Well I'm here. (thinking of Ben)
N: You don't seem all that happy to be here, is there anything wrong?
F: Look there is nothing wrong, lets just get on the plan.
N: Felicity if you come with me today it means that you love me and it's me that you want. I don't want
you to come here when there is someone else on your mind, I have to be on your mind. Felicity you
know I love you and I know when there is something wrong, and there is. (Felicity begins to cry)
F: (she lies) It is you I want (she cry's and thinks of the first time Ben spook to her)
N: Even though it hurts me to say this, I know you love Ben, and I don't want you to be here when your
thinking of Ben. I would love it if it was me who you loved but it is not, I have accepted that.
F: No I do...........I do lo
N: Stop, don't say it when you don't mean it.
(Noel grabs Felicity's bag and her hand and walks her to a cab, he tells the driver Ben's address)
N: Follow your hear. I wish you were coming with me, but I know you wont be happy. And that's all I
want, I want you to be happy.
F: (Felicity smiles and gives Noel I quick kiss) Thank you, I do love Ben, but you'll always be my best
friend, I couldn't live without you. I'm sorry if I hurt you. Goodbye Noel.

(Noel watches as the cab pulls away, I tear falls from his face)
N: I will always love you Felicity

Outside Ben's apartment

Felicity gets out the cab, she sea's Ben beginning to drive away. Se starts chasing his car, screaming
'Ben, wait stop" Ben see Felicity and stops.

He gets out of the car.

B: I thought you weren't going to show.
F: I thought I wasn't either! but I knew that you are what I wanted
B: Felicity, you know you don't have to do this, if your doing this when you still have feelings for Noel,
then that can't be here. You have to do this if you really care about me and what to be with me. If that
isn't the reason then please don't come with me. I don't want to get the wrong impression. I have falling
hard for you, and I want to be with you so much, but if your going to be thinking about Noel, then
what's the point of me trying?
(Felicity laughs, and tears falls from her face)
F: Shut-up Ben, I do want you (she kisses him)
F: I umm ahhhhh I lo............I love you Ben. If you don't want me to say that then tell me, cause I tend
to say things that I shouldn't say and I cause allot of problems for people. So tell me what your
(Ben laughs)
B: I know that you can cause problems, but felicity love you too.
F: Please don't say that unless you mean it, don't feel obligated to say that just because I said it. I want
you to say it only when you really really mean it.
B: I love you.
(they kiss and get into the car, they drive away arm in arm)

(Julie is watching, she begins to cry)
J: How could they do this to me?

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