Felicity, 15 years later....

By Tracy Scholl & Melanie Carlisle

F=Felicity N=Noel B=Ben J=Julie E=Elena G=Greg M=Meghan S=Sean A=Alexia R=Ruby

(Felicity and Noels house in New York)
(Knock on Door)
(Felicity answers the door)
F: Hi, um are you looking for someone?
A: Yes, um is there a Noelle Crane their?
F: Noel you mean?
A: Yeah, well is he their?
F: Actually he’s at work right now but should be here in a little while. Would you like to come in and wait?
A: Um sure thanks.
(Felicity lets Alexia in and takes her into the living room to sit down)
A: So are you um, Noel’s...
(slight pause)
F: Wife? Yes!
(Answers abruptly)
(slight hint of tension in both of them)
(Door opens and Noel walks in)
N: Felicity?
(He sees Felicity and goes over to her and kisses her)
F: Hey.
N: Hey, how are you feeling?
F: I’m fine. Um this girl here needs to talk to you so I’ll just leave you two alone.
(Felicity leaves)
N: Hi!?
A: Hi! I’m Alexia Wheaton
N: Hi, Alexia I’m Noel. But you probably already know that. Um what can I do for you?
A: I’m having sort of this crisis. And I think you’re part of it
N: Okay, well what can I do for you?
A: Um...
A: I think that you’re my father!
N: You what?
A: I said, I think you’re my father!
N: Excuse me? I’ve only been married for 5 years and Felicity and I are just expecting our first child in about 7
A: Do you remember a Ruby Wheaton?
N: Yeah. She was a freshman at N. Y. U. and we dated. A few months later she got pregnant. But it wasn’t
A: She was wrong, we took some tests and they matched up with you.
N: Wow! Okay um, well....
A: Look I seem to have put a lot of pressure on you. I’ll come back in a couple of days.
N: Okay.
(Alexia leaves. Noel goes to talk to Felicity)
F: Hey, what was that all about?
N: That girl thought she was my daughter.
F: What?
N: She’s Ruby’s. Anyway, it’s a long story. I’ll tell you about it this evening. So, how are you feeling?
F:Queesy!! But, okay.
N: Oh look at the time, we’d better hurry if we’re going to meet Ben and Julie for dinner.
(Noel and Felicity leave and meet up with Ben and Julie for dinner)
J: Hey you guys. How are you ?
F: Hey. I’m fine. Ugh, I have such important news to tell you guys.
B: So do we...(pauses, his face gets sort of nervous)
N: Hey.
(They hug and sit down)
F: Okay, so you guys go first.
J: Um, okay. (Gets nervous) um (pause) Well, um. (Pause again) Ben and I are getting married!
F: Are you serious?
B: Yup.
N: Congratulations! Well, we have some important news too!
F: Yes! (excitedly) we’re going to have a baby!
(Later that evening they finish dinner, leave and go home)
(The next day)
(Ben and Julie at Ben’s apartment. Ben wakes up to look across at Julie lying there asleep, she looked almost
(Julie wakes up)
J: Um....Ben? Oh good morning. How did you sleep?
B: For the time I slept very well. Do you know how cute you look when you’re asleep?
J: You know, you can’t always sweet talk me. Eventually you’re going to have to tell me the truth, but for now I’m
okay with you’re sweet lies.
(Goes to Meghan and Greg)
M: Hey Greg, get off of me. You weigh a ton!
G: Don’t you know what sleep is? Besides it’s not like I was on top of you or anything.
M: Yeah, well do you know what personal space is? It’s something I like and am used to.
G: Fine, you like personal space so much then I’m outta here!
(Greg leaves abruptly and Meghan is left feeling astounded)
(Goes to Felicity and Noel)
(Noel wakes up)
N: Good morning.
F: Hey...(pause)
(felicity runs to the bathroom because she is nauseated)
N: Well that was romantic! (Sarcastically)
(about 10 minutes later)
F: sorry! (Sympathetically)
N: That’s okay, I was just not expecting it. This is a first time for me, remember that!
F: Not according to Alexia!
N: Even if she is mine, I wasn’t there for all that stuff. (Pause) I love you Felicity.
F: I love you too! Now if you don’t mind we have to get up because it’s getting late and you’re already late for
N: Aw, they’ll understand once they find out we’re going to have a baby!
F: We? I’m the one who’s hungry and um... nauseated all the time! Speaking of hungry, do we have any eggs and
N: That’s just sick! (Noel says with a laugh)
F: What did you expect?
N: I didn’t know what to expect, but eggs and pickles? Interesting! So anyway, care to join me in the shower?
F: I’m hungry not dirty! Go by yourself!
(Felicity finishes making breakfast and Noel comes down stairs)
N: How can you eat that?
(Noel disgusted with Felicity eating eggs and pickles)
F:I have no idea. But my mom used to eat worse!
N:What did she used to eat?
F:Biscuts with chocolate and melted cheese. Which doesn’t sound that bad now
(Noel cringed at the though of all those foods together as one)
F: Oh shit!
N: What? (Pause) Oh my gosh I’m late for work!
(Noel finishes breakfast and gets ready to go)
(They kiss for about 5 minutes)
N: Okay I really have to go now!
F:If you have to!
(Sounds upset)
N: Well I suppose I could always call in sick?
F: Okay!
(Answers without hesitation)
(Noel calls in sick and stays home)
F: Since I’m done, want to join me in the bedroom?
N: I’m busy not tired!
F: Okay I get the picture. So do you?
N: hmm the bedroom you say?
(Raises an eyebrow)
(Felicity takes him by the shirt collar and drags him into the bedroom)
N: Hey watch the shirt!
F: You know I hope the baby turn out just like you!
N: Oh you do, do you?
F: Yeah!
(Moments later you see Felicity and Noel go into the bedroom and shut the door)
(Goes to Ben and Julie)
J: Hey where’s Sean?
B: I call in sick to stay here with you and all you care about is where’s Sean? Yeah that makes sense.
J: Geepers what cat bit your butt?
B: I’m sorry!
J: That’s okay. One thing though.
B: What?
J: Why do you keep calling in sick all the time? You’re gonna get yourself fired.
B: And why does that matter to you anyhow?
J: Because we need the money to buy a house. Gosh! We can’t just live here all our lives after we get married!
B: Okay, okay! Come on lets go for a walk.
(Ben and Julie go for a walk)
(Goes to Felicity and Elena on the phone)
E: I’m so happy for you!
F: Thanks
E: So how have you been feeling?
F: I feel nauseated all the time!
E: Anyway, so what’s the gossip?
F:I’ll tell you the rest tomorrow because there’s a lot to talk about.
(Noel walks in)
N: Felicity?
F: I’m in here...(Goes back to the phone) Elena, I Gotta Go Noel just got home
E: Ugh! Okay well later!
F: Bye
(Felicity hangs up the phone with Elena and goes to see Noel)
(Felicity’s eye’s start to water)
(Noel sees Felicity)
N: What’s wrong?
F: I’m just so...happy!
(Starts to cry)
(Noel goes and hugs Felicity)
F:I’m just having a long day. (Pause) I’m also just not used to all these hormones and stuff
(later that evening)
(Knock on door)
(Felicity answers the door)
(Julie enters)
J: Hey!
F: Hey, how are you?
J: Um, I’m okay. Oh hey so Ben and I pushed the wedding up to next week.
F: Why?
J: Oh well we just both wanted to be together sooner! Anyway I just came by to tell you that. So, I Gotta Go
F: Okay, bye!
J: Bye!
(Julie leaves)
(Felicity goes upstairs and into her bedroom. Climbs in bed with Noel)
(The next day with Felicity and Noel)
N: Good morning!
F: Ugh!
(Felicity runs to the bathroom)
N: oh well, at least this time I was prepared!
(About 20 minutes later)
F: I feel like crap
N: Here rest.
(Noel helps Felicity back into bed to rest)
N: I’ll go make breakfast
(Felicity comes downstairs moments later looking flustered)
N: What’s wrong?
F: I just remembered that I have a doctors appointment yesterday and that Elena’s coming here today at 1
o’clock to stay for a week
N: Good thing I have today off!
F: Again?
N: Oh yeah I ran into my boss yesterday and told him about us, so he let me have today off too!
F: That’s good now I don’t feel so bad!
(Goes to Meghan and Greg)
( Greg wakes up to find Meghan gazing up at him)
M: Good morning!
G: What’s wrong with you?
M: Gosh what bit your butt! Can’t a girl just be sweet every once in a while?
G:Nothing it’s just that you sort of have this reputation of being a .....
M: What? Being a bitch? Yeah it’s because ever time I do try and be sweet and nice to people they never take
me seriously!
G: Sorry! I didn’t mean to release the pitbull out of you. I was just placing a statement.
M: Look I have to go. Call me when you aren’t so pissed off! God!
(Meghan leaves)
(Goes to Ben and Julie)
B:Hey where are you going?
J: Um, I have to go to the....store!
B: okay then, see you in a little while.
J: Whatever!
(Julie leaves. Ben gets confused)
(Sean enters)
S: hey, where’s Julie?
B: The store. But she seemed a bit on edge.
S: Why would she be on edge?
B: Um, well we wanted to tell you together, but, she bailed so, (pause) We’re getting married!
S: married? (A little confused) um...congratulations. So, do you have a chef?
(Ben has a look of thoughtful confusion)
B:You’ll have to talk to Julie about it, she’s in charge of all that stuff.