Love Conquers All


Scene 1

Felicity stands in the airport watching Noel. He hasn't see her yet.

Felicity: Dear Sally, I stood there watching him, thinking of all of the pain I had caused him. I felt as if I couldn't face him after the whole "Ben fiasco," but I knew I had to because if I didn't I might have lost him forever.

Felicity walks towards Noel. He turns and sees her. He smiles. Felicity can see all of the love and pain in his eyes.

Felicity: I'm so so sorry, Noel.

With that tears form in her eyes.

Felicity: I keep messing up over and over.

She is crying now.

Felicity: I love you. I love you so much.

Noel looks at her, and wipes the tears from her face.

Noel: I love you too.

With that Noel opens his arms and holds her for what seems like days. They board the plane to Berlin.

Scene 2

Felicity and Noel are on the plane, holding hands. Noel is staring at Felicity with a huge smile on his face.

Felicity: What?

Noel: Oh nothing.

He continues smiling.

Felicity: What are you thinking?

Noel: Don't worry about it

Felicity gives Noel a look.

Noel: Ok ok, I was thinking about how you came with me and didn't go with Ben.

Felicity: Is there anywhere we can talk....alone?

Noel: Ummmmm....yeah.

Felicity and Noel get up and head for the restrooms. They enter a restroom

Felicity: Ok I want you to know something.

Noel gets a worried look on his face.

Noel: What?

Felicity: I didn't have to choose between you and Ben.

Noel: What do you mean?

Felicity: What I'm saying is...I know who I want to be with, you. Ben means absolutly nothing to me. You are who I want, and I think it's been you all along.

Noel and Felicity smile at eachother. Then begin to kiss.

Noel: So do you want to get back together...officially?

Felicity: You actually have to ask me that?

They continue kissing. Fade out.

Scene 3

Felicity and Elena are coming out of the elevator of their new dorm. They are talking, but we can't hear them.

Felicity: Ha ha...funny.

Elena: I mean it.

Felicity: Uh huh sure. See you later.

Elena: Where are you going?

Felicity: Meet Noel at the airport, and before I go I have to change.

Elena: You look fine, Felicity.

Felicity: I do not!

Felicity winds around the corner to get to her new dorm room. She sees Noel standing there.

Felicity: I late?

Noel: No, I got an earlier flight.

Felicity: Oh really?

They both smile at each other, and kiss.

Noel: I missed you.

Felicity: I missed you more.

Elena stand there watching, and smiles at how they act around each other. Felicity and Noel are still kissing.

Felicity: When did you get back?

Noel: Like ten minutes ago.

They go into her room.

Scene 4

Felicity is talking to Sally.

Felicity: Ok from what I've told you it sounds like Noel and I are doing great but then...

Julie and Felicity are talking in the elevator.

Felicity: You know how sorry I am, don't you?

Julie: Felicity you have been apologizing to me for weeks now. You're forgiven. I know that Ben was pushing you. It wasn't you it was him.

Felicity: Just know I have no interest in Ben whatsoever. I'm with Noel and we are doing so well...I am so happy!!!

Felicity and Julie go to their rooms. Julie looks upset.

Scene 5

Felicity and Elena are in the lounge studying. Noel and Guy come out of the elevator. Noel looks mad, and won't even look at Felicity. Felicity doesn't know whats going on. She gets up and walks towards his room. She overhears him talking to Guy.

Noel: God! How could I be so stupid. I can't believe her. I can't believe she would do this again! Is this so kind of sick joke to her!

Guy: So Felicity has been playing games with your head for two months?

Noel: Yep!!! She has been with Ben this whole time!

Felicity is in shock. She gets very upset and walks past Noel's open door in tears. Noel sees her and is confused.

Guy: Ummmmm...if she is with Ben why would she be upset like that?

Noel: Oh God!!!

Felicity is in her room crying. Noel come and is knocking on her door.

Felicity: Who is it?

Noel: Me.

Felicity: Go away!

Julie sees Noel and walks up to him.

Julie: Whats going on?

Noel: I have no idea. I was talking to guy about what you said, and guess she heard, then she just..well see!!

Julie: Felicity, hey it's me...can I come in?

Felicity slowly opens the door, but won't make eye contact with Noel.

Scene 6

Felicity is still crying. Julie comes up to her.

Julie: I’m so sorry.

Felicity: For what?

Julie: For lying to you...and Noel.

Felicity: What are you talking about?

Julie: I told him you were cheating on him with Ben.

Felicity is shocked.

Felicity: What!? Why would you do that to me?

Julie: I don’t know.

Felicity: Get out!

Felicity is in tears still, but the anger is kicking in.

Julie: I’m sorry.

Julie opens the door to leave.

Felicity: Who’s the lying bitch now?

Julie leaves. Noel is still waiting by the door. Felicity walks up to him.

Felicity: She lied.

Noel: I know...I mean I heard.

Felicity is still upset.

Noel: I’m so sorry. I should have come and talked to you, and not believed what she said.

They go into her room. Felicity says sadly...

Felicity: Do you not trust me? I mean...did you really believe that?! You know I only want to be with you.

Noel: I trust you.....I guess I was just afraid that I wouls lose you again, and it was easier for me to believe that you wanted something else.

Felicity: I don’t want something else. I want you. I love you and only you.

(Felicity is still crying, and Noel is looking down at her with all of the love in his eyes.)

Felicity: I don't want Ben...and i don't think I ever did. He was just an excuse.

(Noel puts his finger on her lips.)

Noel: Shhhhhh.

(He then kisses her and she heavily responds. With that their love for each other burns brighter than ever.)

Felicity: Are we going to be ok?

(Noel says with absolute certainty...)

Noel: Yes.

(She smiles.)

Felicity: I feel the same way.

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