By Nikki4598@aol.com

Scene 1

Dear Sally,
Ok...so I made a decision between Ben and Noel. I just hope it was the right one.

(Felicity in the cab)

Felicity: Second and Twelfth.

(The cab arrives at the loft)

Ben: Hey! I thought you weren't coming.

(Felicity smiles, but you can tell she is having second thoughts)

Felicity: Yeah.

(Ben helps Felicity put her bags in the trunk)

Scene 2

(Ben and Felicity are in the car)

Ben: So are you hungry?

(Felicity isn't paying attention)

Ben: Hello..Earth to Felicity.

Felicity: Huh? Oh sorry.

Ben: It’s ok

(Felicity goes back into her trance, and thinks about Noel)

(Felicity and Noel in the men’s bathroom kissing)

(Felicity and Noel saying good-bye over Christmas break)

(Felicity telling Sean she loves Noel)

(Noel telling Felicity he loves her)

(Felicity begins to get teary-eyed)

Felicity: Wait!

Ben: What?

Felicity: Drop me off somewhere. Drop me off there! Airport.

Ben: What? Why?

Felicity: Ben, I’m sorry. I can’t do this. (looks down) I don’t feel the
same way.

Ben: Felicity, what are you talking about? I thought you liked me?

Felicity: I do, but just as a friend. I am so sorry. I shouldn’t have come.

(Felicity whispers)

Felicity: I thought this what I wanted, but it’s not.

Ben: Is this about Noel?

(Felicity looks straight into his eyes)

Felicity: Yes.

Scene 3

(Felicity is in the airport, she rushes to a phone, puts in some money, and
dials a number)

Sally: Hello?

Felicity: Sally? Sally, Oh God! I just made the biggest mistake of my life!

Sally: What happened?

Felicity: Well, Ben started to like me, and then he kissed me. I got all
confused. Noel asked me to go to Berlin with him. I said yes. Then Julie
found out about Ben and told Noel!

Sally: Wow!

Felicity: That’s not the end. Ben left for the trip, but came back for me.
And Noel wrote me this *amazing* letter, saying he still wanted me to go and
he didn’t care about what happened with Ben. And being the idiot I am, I
went with Ben. But while I was in the car all I could think about was Noel.
So I just left.

Sally: Where are you now?

Felicity: Ummm...some airport in Pennsylvania.

Sally: Ok...so what are you going to do?

Felicity: I have no idea.

(all of a sudden Felicity gets a weird feeling running down her back, it makes her shiver)

Felicity: Whoa! I just got this really strange feeling, like someone is here.

Sally: You mean like a sixth sense?

Felicity: Yeah. It’s weird I only get that when...Oh my God!!!

Sally: What? What happened?

Felicity: I could have sworn I just saw Noel.

Sally: Maybe you did.

Felicity: No, no just wishful thinking.

(Across the airport Noel spots Felicity and is in complete shock)

Sally: Well, maybe not.

Felicity: I wish he was here right now!

(Felicity turns around, and reveals her tear stricken face. Felicity sees Noel looking at her and drops the phone. She quickly picks it up)

Felicity: You were right. I’ll call you back.

(Felicity hangs up the phone and she and Noel begin to walk toward each other)

Felicity: (whispers to herself) Ok, ok you can to this, Felicity. Just tell
him. He’ll understand, he said he would.

Noel: Hey, what are you? How did you?

Felicity: Ummm...Ok so we need to talk. No, I need to talk and you need to listen (smiles)

Noel: Uh ok.

Scene 4

(Felicity and Noel sit down at a gate)

Felicity: Ok...I’m so sorry.

Noel: Why?

Felicity: (looks down and begins to cry again) Because...because I went with Ben.

(Felicity won’t look up at Noel)

Noel: Oh..

(He begins to get up)

Felicity: Where are you going?

Noel: Uh sorry, but I’m not going to sit here and listen to you babble on about Ben. I’m so tired of that.

Felicity: I’m not going to.

(Noel sits back down)

Noel: I’m a little confused. You went with Ben, and not with me. So why are you here?

Felicity: I ditched him (smiles)

Noel: Why?

Felicity: Because I don’t...I don’t want to be with Ben.

Noel: Oh.

Felicity: When I was with him all I could do was think of...all I could do was think of you.

Noel: So what exactly are you saying?

Felicity: What do you mean what am I saying? I think you know what I’m saying.

Noel: I know what you’re saying. I just want to hear you say it. (smiles)

Felicity: Fine. (whispers in his ear) I love you.

Noel: I love you, too.

Felicity: Hmm...I like the way you say that.

(The both smile at one another)

Felicity: One thing...isn’t Berlin the other way?

Noel: What? Oh..I have a two-hour layover here and then I go straight to Berlin.

Felicity: Oh. (sadly smiles)

Noel: Do you still have the ticket?

Felicity: What? Yeah I do.

(She takes the ticket out of her backpack)

Noel: Will you come?

Felicity: How? I missed the first flight?

Noel: They gave you two tickets. See?

(Shows her the two tickets)

Felicity: Oh. There I go again, acting all stupid.

Noel: You’re not stupid.

Felicity: Ok. As long as you say I’m not. (smiles)

Noel: Will you go?

Felicity: I’ll have to think about it. Hmmm...sure.

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