The One True Love

By Star

This is a continuation from season 2 when Noel started seeing Felicity's advisee, Ruby.

The morning ray shine into Felicity's room. Meghan didn't come back last night and Felicity hasn't slept all night... she was up all night thinking off Noel...and Ruby. She couldn't help recalling Ruby telling her how Noel and her enjoyed each other's company and that kiss....Why is she still thinking about Noel?She didn't know why, not even after staying up for 24 hrs just thinking of it. Felicity decided to tell Elena about it.

Elena is sitting on the sofa reading the newspaper when the doorbell rang. She opened the door and was greeted by a sloppy looking Felicity. Before she could say a word, Felicity cut in.

Felicity: Is Noel at home?

Slightly worried about her friend, Elena answered in an uncertain voice

Elena: No..he went out to meet Ruby for breakfast.
Felicity: Ohhh....(in a daze)
Elena: Are you alright?
Felicity: Yeah! Yeah... I'm fine, I... gotta go. Bye.
Elena: Wait, Feli...

Before she could say another word, Felicity left as abruptly as she came.

On the way back to the Dorm, Felicity couldn't help but feel a little upset of the progress of Noel and Ruby's relationship.Now she completely regret sending her off to Noel for help on her computer.As she walks to the front steps of the dorm building,she looked up and saw Noel and Ruby in a kiss.With a twitch of jealousy and aching heart, she stood there,watching.Finally,the kiss ended and Ruby went into the building.Noel started down the stairs,looking exremely happy, until his eyes fixed on Felicity, who stood six feet away from him.The two gazed into each other's eyes, trying to find something to say,something that would ease this extremely awkward situation......