True Love

By Tracy Scholl

This story starts out in the dorms right after Felicity had read Noels letter...

“Dear Sally, Hi it’s me...... So Noel wrote me this amazing letter I can’t believe that he’s forgiven me after all the stuff we’ve been through these past couple months with Eli and Ben! Speaking of Ben he turned back after leaving for his road trip to come back and get me; the only problem is now is that now I have to do what I feel that is my biggest decision in life so far. I have to choose whether or not I want to go to Palo Alto California with Ben or Berlin Germany with Noel.”

Later that Day......

It had only been a few minutes after I had read Noel letter and since Ben had come to visit me. But I decided to choose Noel because he had written me such an amazing letter and since in Sean’s Documentary I had told him I loved him of course I meant it but before then I just never got up the courage to tell him. So of course that means I’m going to go with him!

So later that evening I arrive at the airport and start looking for Noel. When I finally spotted him and he spotted me his face lit up, I was glad. He walked over to me.

“I thought you might not show.”

“Look Ben and I had a moment and I feel so bad that we did that and I felt like this was the only way I could make it up to you.”

“Oh, so you came on this trip just as a way to say you're sorry?”

“Well yes, no wait, Noel, I didn’t mean it that way look like you said in your letter 9 months ago you didn’t even know me and that now you were positive that you couldn’t live without me and remember in Sean’s documentary when I told him that I loved you? I really do Noel believe me I do!”

“I do believe you and I’m just glad that you remembered all that stuff. Now come on or we’re going to miss the flight!”

We arrived in Berlin early in the morning so we quickly rushed to our hotel after we got there and went to bed. We pretty much slept all day the next day because of all the time changes. During the next two weeks we just hung out because Noel’s job didn’t start until after I left. I was sort of glad when I returned home because I was getting sort of home sick but there were also 2 bad parts to having to come home to Palo Alto 1 was that Ben was where home was. 2 was that Noel was over 4,000 miles away which was really hard but we did occasionally send letters back and forth to each other.

Near the end of summer I decided to get my haircut and not just a little trim I’m talking cutting it all to where I only have like 3 inches left on my head. But I knew that my parents probably wouldn’t approve of the idea so I decided to wait till I got back to New York so I wouldn’t have to listen to my parents complain to me about it for the rest of summer.

So instead I decided just to go for a walk around my neighborhood preferably the side of my neighbor hood where Ben doesn’t live. It was all going good till I got back home where I found Ben sitting in my driveway with his head in his hands. I walked up to him and said hi.


“Hi.... so you went with Noel?”

“Yes... look Ben I lo...”

“Look okay I get the Julie factor okay you didn’t want to hurt your friendship with each other but what is it about Noel?”

“Okay Ben look we had a moment and that was it and you know what to tell you the truth I had already lost my friendship with Julie and I just hope that when I get back that I can fix it and what do you mean by but what is it about Noel.”

“Felicity look”

“No Ben you look I love noel and nothing’s going to stop that and to tell you the truth he and Julie were the first real friends that i ever had at all in New York and because of you you wreaked them only because you changed your mind about them.”

“Okay Felicity here’s the thing I’m sorry I am so so sorry for wreaking your friendship with Julie and I am sorry I hurt your relationship with....wait a minute wasn’t that you who wreaked your relationship by going and screwing with that Eli dude?”

“Wait a minute this is about you and me not Noels and mines relationship okay?”

“Look I don’t want to fight with you I just want to know 1 thing.”

“Fine what”

“Why did you change your mind about me?”

“Because I love Noel and I think that it will always be that way....sorry.”

“Fine, Look I have to go.......if we see each other during the summer then we do and if not then I’ll see you in September. Bye.”


Conclusion: In the end Noel ends up with Felicity. Julie and her become friends again and Elena’s secret gets found out about her and professor McGrath. Felicity and Ben don’t talk very much any more but I guess the point is stay with your true love because if you don’t you may never have the opportunity again!

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