FELICITY Wednesday Night Debut Scores Best Demographic Ratings in 20 Weeks

From the WB Media site

Timeslot's Best 18-34 Women Ratings in 20 Weeks

BURBANK, CA (April 6, 2000) The addition of FELICITY to The WB’s
Wednesday night lineup paid immediate dividends in its timeslot and
for the entire night as FELICITY scored the timeslots best 18-34;
18-49 and 12-34 female ratings in 20 weeks (since November

FELICITY scored a 3.0/8 in women 18-34, which is the best rating and
share in the time slot for The WB in that demographic since November
10, 1999, 21 weeks ago. It’s 2.0/5 in women 18-49 is The WB’s best
performance in the time period since November 17, 1999, 20 weeks
ago. And, in females 12-34, its been 20 weeks since the network
posted stronger shares in this key demographic. In adults 18-34,
FELICITY's 2.1/6, scored the highest timeslot ratings in 24 weeks.

DAWSON'S CREEK also benefited from the increased interest in The
WB’s Wednesday. The signature series, was ranked #2 in the time
period in females 12-34 (3.9/13), beating NBC, CBS, ABC and UPN, and
#3 in its time period in women 18-34 (3.5/11) and adults 18-34
(2.6/9). DAWSON CREEK, which scored a 3.5/11 in women 18-34,
numbers in that category in 12 weeks. Its 2.5/7 in women 18-49,
DAWSON'S CREEK was its best performance in 20 weeks.

The Wednesday tandem of DAWSON'S CREEK and averaged a 3.3/10
in women 18-34. You would have to go back 25 weeks – to October
13, 1999 – to find a better week in that key demographic. In women
18-49, this past Wednesday scored a 2.3/6. The last time The WB did
better with this group was on November 17, 1999.

"Roswell," which FELICITY replaced in its timeslot last night, moves to
Monday nights beginning this Monday, April 10.