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Enough about her hair already! Felicity star Keri Russell is just the kind
of down-to-earth, loving star we'd be if we were famous. Here are five
reasons why we wouldn't mind being her. -- by Michele Shapiro

1. It's a (very) small world: When Russell was 16, she didn't just sing
and dance alongside fellow Mouseketeers Christina Aguilera, Britney
Spears and Justin Timberlake on The New Mickey Mouse Club; she
actually lived with them at Disney World while the show taped. "We got
to go on rides for free," she has said.

2. Ring in the old: Despite the barrage of media attention that Russell
received even before Felicity premiered in September 1998, she has
remained true to her live-in love Tony Lucca (another former
Mouseketeer). Russell even wears a commitment ring on her wedding
finger. (transcriber's note: Does this Seventeen writer live in the
dungeon??? Hello!? Umm, E!Online's Ted?)

3. She's no material girl: While she had designers practically banging
down her door in their efforts to have her wear their fashion, Russell's
outfit of choice remains jeans, a tank top (sans bra) and Birkenstock

4. Irish rose: Russell's got to go to Ireland to shoot her next movie,
this summer's Mad about Mambo, in which she plays a dancer who
teaches an awkward soccer star some fancy footwork. "It was so
gorgeous," she has said about Dublin. "[But] I was stuck in a studio
most of the time. Some days I just wanted to take off…and roam those
green hills."

5. Globe-trotter: She won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Drama
Series after just one season of Felicity. But even Russell isn't perfect:
Scott Speedman once had to pick cilantro out of her teeth during an
intimate scene.

Article 2: (page 143)

How does Felicity's ficitional university compare with its New York
counterpart? -- by Holly Charron; additional reporting by Ido Ostrowsky

When you watch Felicity every week, it's difficult to know how true to
life the show's situations and scenery actually are -- especially if you're
not a local. Below, students and faculty from New York University (the
school that the show's University of New York is modeled after) helped
untangle fact from fiction.

Dorm Life

UNY: Felicity's dormroom is big enough for her to host a party, and
anyone can pop in on a whim.
NYU: "The dormrooms in Felicity are larger than the ones on our
campus," admits William Bolding, director of residence life. And dorm
security is much tighter at NYU. Student Elena Woodhead, 18, says
there are 24-hour guards and strict rules limiting dorm access. "NYU is
like a fortress in real life," she says.

The Salon

UNY: The chopping off of her ringlets shocked many loyal viewers. And
though we don't know who manned the scissors in real life, we do know
that Felicity got the deed done at a place called Astor Place Hairstylist.
NYU: Astor Place Hairstylist, which does exist, is located near NYU.
Manager Paul Vezza says haircuts like Felicity's cost around $13. "We
definitely received some attention after the show aired. People have
even come in to ask if this was the place where she cut her hair," he

The Life of a Resident Advisor

UNY: Felicity dated Noel (Scott Foley), her resident advisor (RA). Now
she's an RS herself. Curiously, she shares a room with her insane
freshman-year roomie and now fellow RA, Meghan (Amanda Foreman).
NYU: About that love thing -- "The housing department says that
nobody knows when love will strike, so if it happens, it happens," says
RA Vanessa Daniels, 21. As for the possibility of two RAs rooming
together, it would never happen at NYU. According to Bolding, "We
have one RA per floor."

Majors: The Big Switch

UNY: Felicity dropped premed for her one love -- art.
[/b]NYU:[/b] While it's possible that an NYU student would rather
doodle than dissect. It is unlikely that her typical art class assignment
would entail drawing her ex-boyfriend's face. According to Nancy
Barton, director of undergraduate programs for the department of art,
NYU's classes are very contemporary. "Our focus is on conceptual art,
UNY's seems to be very traditional -- simple figure-drawing classes,"
she explains.

City Life

UNY: Why don’t we ever see the gang enjoying all that Manhattan has
to offer, from Broadway plays to museums (especially since Felicity is
supposed to be an art student)?
NYU: On Thursday nights and weekends, says senior Gina LeVay, 21,
students usually go out to clubs and bars. "In general, we venture off
campus. A lot of us go to galleries, shopping in SoHo or to the movies."
Sophomore Audrey Crawford, 20, adds that Felicity could show more
diversity and unique New York City culture (as well as a few body
piercings) to make it ring true with her and her peers.

Article 3: (page 50)
-- Amy Smart

With every new role, Felicity's Amy shows us she's making Smart

Since she appeared on our cover in 1996, Amy Smart has gone on to
win the hearts of Scott Foley and James Van Der Beek and Shawn
Hatosy on-screen. Watch for her soon in Road Trip and an NBC
miniseries The 70's. Amy's casual chic was a breath of spring at a
recent NYC premier.

(transcriber's note: I'll get this, along with the others, scanned as soon
as I can.)

Bedtime story Smart's skin secret? Nightly face scrubs keep Amy as
fresh-faced as Ruby, her character on Felicity. (transcriber's note:
Amy with her blond hair down, all smiles0
Camera-ready The photo-print design on Amy's top adds a touch of
the tropics and a splash of color (color, green)to her otherwise
all-white outfit.
Fancy pants Flat-front, low-rider white chinos combine with a mildly
shrunken tank for a cute peek at her belly.
Thong show Amy says she couldn't live without her flip-flops. This
wooden-heeled version -- plus toe ring -- gives a slightly dressy effect.

Thanks to Blkrobin for transcribing this.