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Last updated April, 2001

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Show sites:

Felicity.com - official site created by J.J. Abrams; scene by scene episode summaries
Acme City Felicity site- includes free web page services
All Felicity - episode guide, scripts, spoilers, and more (last update in late 2000)
Ally Jane's Felicity - pictures, links (last update in early 1999)
Contemptuous Sardonic Felicity Watchers Society - sardonic humor (last updated in the second season)
Courtney's Felicity Fan Site - episode guide, fan fiction, music, articles (last updated in the second season)
Eddie's Felicity Webpage - cast bios, pics, & more (last time I tried to load it, it crashed my browser)
Elvina's Felicity - cast info., episodes, articles (last updated part-way through season 3)
E!Online's Felicitease Game - catch the fickle dorm mouse in this wacky game

Felicity Links still kept up in 2004

Fab Felicity Page -cast bios, greeting cards

Fans of Felicity -lots of neat unknown facts about the show

Felicity -a little out of date; contains critiques of the show

Felicity and Ben: Unrequited Love -a tribute to Fel. & Ben

Felicity and Ben...Better Than Ice Cream I could do without the auto-playing music, but site is very cute
Felicity Tunes - a beautiful design and a very informative site

Coffeeroom's Felicity Site - history, cast info, links, message board
Felicity Articles - articles about the show
Felicity - Coming This Fall - chatroom, picture gallery, show info.

Felicity Fan Club -not to be confused with the one below (this one's more like a message board)

Felicity Fan Club -is seeking representatives

Felicity Fan Fiction Forum -fan fiction

Felicity Fanatic Page -kind of odd, but nice looking

Felicity for the Fans -episode guide, multimedia

Felicity Generation -unfortunately, the link to the main page doesn't work

Felicity in New York  -cast info., pictures

Felicity City - not much here
Felicity Links on the Web - extensive list of links
Felicity and Noel Webring
Felicity Obsession - lots of info
Felicity Online - images, bios, sounds
A Felicity Page - episode guide, character info., and more
Felicity: The College Years - pictures of the cast
Felicity Web - pictures, episode guide, cast info
Felicity World
Felicity's World - transcripts, articles, and lots more
Felicity's Dorm - a nicely designed site
Felicity's Hideaway - run by Stephanie
DearSally.org Felicity@fanZone - music info. only

The First Unofficial Felicity Site -will return in September

Gist TV's Felicity site -lots of fan-oriented interactive stuff

Grace's Felicity Page -episode summaries, transcripts of Felicity's letters to Sally

Home of Felicity Porter -Felicity Forever club, video trading, spoilers

Jason's Felicity Site -not much info. here

KTLA's Felicity site -official site created by the WB and its Los Angeles affiliate, KTLA

Let's get Felic-ophical -nicely designed

Martin's Felicity Page -in French

Nik's Felicity Page -cast pictures

The Noel and Felicity True Believers Page -dedicated to Fel. & Noel

Noelcrane.com - Noel's fictitious web page

The Officially Unofficial Felicity Fever Homepage -still under heavy duty construction

Old New Borrowed Blue Felicity site -currently under construction

One Felicity Fan's Site -contains video clips from the show

Pazsaz Entertainment Felicity site -not much here

Renata's Felicity Site -in Portuguese

The Resident Advisor and the Girl with the Curls -a tribute to Felicity and Noel

Safe Haven -dedicated to the fans of the WB shows

Seri@dom@ni@ -run by Seria

Space Team's Unofficial Felicity Website -cast info., picture gallery, articles

Splendor E-mag: Felicity -episode summaries + other show info.

Spoilerman TV Show Page -weekly TV spoilers from Keith

Taskmster4's Unofficial Felicity Page -may be hard to access

Toni's Page -Felicity pictures

A Tribute to Felicity -photo gallery, Midi music files

The WB Scoop -includes Felicity as well as other WB shows

WB Spoiler Page -includes Felicity spoilers

Welcome to Noel's Room -run by Gia

Who would you kill on Felicity? -the name says it all

Will Felicity Cry? -a very strange site about crying
Bring Back Felicity - join the Australian campaign
Canadian Save Felicity Campaign

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Keri Russell sites:

Erin's Keri Site

ET Online bio of Keri Russell

Felicity's Angel

The Keri Russell Guide

The Keri Russell Home Page

Keri Russell Image Gallery

Keri Russell in Motion

The Keri Russell Zone

Undeniably Keri - Keri Russell


Amy Jo Johnson sites:

Save Julie: Campaign 2000 - to keep Amy Jo on the show

Forever Julie another campaign to keep Amy Jo on the show

Forever Amy Jo

The Amy Jo Johnson Net -pictures, sounds, video

Amy Jo Johnson Online -an online guide to the actress

Amy Jo Johnson2 -onelist mailing list

The Unofficial Pink Ranger Shrine -a tribute to Amy Jo's Morphin days


Scott Foley sites:

The Foley Files -reopening on Sept. 26

A Scott Foley Fan Page -biography, filmography, pictures

The Scott Foley Mailing List -subscribe here

Scott Foley Message Board -run by Yvette

The Scott Foley Pix page -mostly pictures

Scott Foley.net -run by Kristi and Pamm; great layout & design

Scott Foley's Dawson's Creek Bio -from his role as "Cliff"


Scott Speedman sites:

Ben-nites -onelist mailing list for people who think Ben is the guy for Felicity (that's what they say, anyways)

The first unofficial Web Page for Scott Speedman -the only Scott S. shrine that I know of


Tangi Miller sites:
Tangi Miller's Official Web Site -fan club soon to come

UCI photo -just a small picture of her as a performing arts student at UC Irvine

Discussion sites / Mailing lists

Simply Felicity message board
Yahoo Group
A Fan of Felicity - currently has 54 members
All About Felicity - currently has 30 members

AllFelicity -associated with the All Felicity website, I think

BenorNoel -discuss which guy is better for Felicity

Best of Felicity -weekly questions

Canadian Felicity -for Canadian fans

Crazed over Felicity -the name says it all

CSFWSlist -discuss Felicity with sardonic contempt

Fan Forum Felicity Board -this one's pretty cool

FelcityNoelFanfic -for Felicity and Noel fans only

Feli-city -according to the description, this is the first Felicity mailing list

Felicity -mailing list for the Felicity Fan Network

Felicity Mailing List homepage -run by Alfredo; very active! All instructions are on this page.

The Felicity Discussion Board -sponsored by Inside the Web

The FelicityPic Mailing List -picture trading

Unofficial Felicity Mailing List -includes instructions

The WB Message Board -choose Felicity from the TV category scroll bar

WB's Felicity -not affiliated with the WB, by the way

1999 Felicity -moderated by Rebecca

4ever DC_Felicity -a Felicity and Dawson's Creek mailing list


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