Keri Russell, the Golden Globe Award-winning star of the popular WB Network
series "Felicity," steps into her first leading role in a feature film with
MAD ABOUT MAMBO, a new romantic comedy that celebrates following
your heart -- while staying fast on your feet.
Up-and-coming Irish screenwriter John Forte makes his feature film
directorial debut, from his original screenplay, with MAD ABOUT MAMBO.

In the upper-class part of Belfast, 18-year-old Collegiates Private School
student Lucy McLoughlin (Keri Russell) yearns to prove her worth to her
entrepreneur father Sid (Brian Cox), and to herself. Lucy lives to dance and
dances to win: specifically, the Regional Latin Dance Finals. Her dance
partner is her possessive boyfriend, Oliver Parr (Theo Fraser Steele) --who
is also captain of the Collegiates soccer team. Rich upbringing, athlete
boyfriend...what else could a young girl possibly need? Maybe someone to
show her different steps in life. Not far from Lucy's part of town, yet
worlds apart, is St. Joseph's, a boys' school in working-class West Belfast.
There, 18-year-old Danny Mitchell (William Ash) is the most eager player on
the school's soccer team. Soccer (known as "football" abroad) is Danny's
passion. His dream is to play professionally, for Belfast United. To be more
like the newly imported Brazilian star player, Carlos Rega, and to improve
his own game, Danny sets out to get rhythm. How? By learning to dance, Latin
style: Samba! Rumba! Mambo!

So, Danny enrolls at a local dance studio, where his sights alight on a new
goal: getting to know Lucy. With Oliver around, Danny is edged out of
playing his way into Lucy's heart. But he sees a chance to dance his way
into her heart when Oliver is injured during a game. Lucy reluctantly takes
Danny on as her new partner, insisting that he keep pace with her, both on
and off the dance floor. To help Danny realize his dreams, family, friends,
and faculty rally round in unexpected (and often unorthodox) support.
Danny's friend Rudi tells him, "She is your biggest game ever." That she is.

Practice just might make perfect for Danny, on both the playing field
(keeping his eye on the ball) and the dance floor (watching his steps with

A PolyGram Filmed Entertainment presentation in association with Phoenix
Pictures of a First City Features production in association with Plurabelle
Films, MAD ABOUT MAMBO is executive-produced by Gabriel Byrne and Martin
Bruce-Clayton. The producer is David Kelly. The writer and director is John