Felicity's Noel Freaks Out Over His Role In Scream 3

Source: Faces & Places page of the 2/00 issue of US
By Darcy Lockman

Even though Scott Foley spent 12 weeks playing an egotistical director in
Scream 3, he may not want to see the movie. "I'm not a fan of horror films,"
says Foley, 27. "They scare me." Still, Foley was brave enough to leave St.
Louis in 1992 after high school graduation to pursue an acting career in Los
Angeles, where for five years he hawked auto insurance, tended bar and folded
sweaters at the GAP. Finally, in 1997, Foley landed a five episode stint on
Dawson's Creek and made enough of an impression that the folks at the WB
invited him back to audition for a role on Felicity, as Felicity's resident
advisor and soon-to-be-boyfriend, Noel Crane. Foley not only got the job, but
found real-life romance with actress Jennifer Garner, 27, who appeared last
season as Noel's high school sweetheart, Hanna (the couple now live together
in L.A. with their two dogs). "Noel's dealing with stuff I never dealt with,"
says Foley. "I guess you can say I'm living vicariously through him."

Thanks to Heather for transcribing this.