Felicity's Receding Hairline

Source: People Mag., 1/17/00, p. 22

Coincidence or...the Samson Effect? You be the judge: Last August, actress
Keri Russell, star of the WB's Felicity, dramatically trimmed her famous
curly locks. Inspired by a short wig Russell once wore as a joke, the
producers asked the actress to lose the long hair and worked the
transformation into the Oct. 10th storyline. After a brief ratings
uptick--generated , most likely, by publicity about the new do--Felicity's
Nielsen numbers, already slipping, continued their slide. On fan Web sites,
however, viewers speculate that the fault lie not with follicular folly but
with the series' switch last fall from Tuesday nights to Sunday nights,
where it airs against Touched by a Angel, The Simpsons and the The
Wonderful World of Disney. J.J. Abrams, Felicity's executive producer, has
his own culprits: the show's weak plots. "The stories we were telling
weren't as exciting," he says. And the haircut??? Not related, although he
notes, "It's growing back."