Amy Jo Johnson on Oprah

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Oprah - TV star Amy Jo Johnson landed her dream role on the hit show
Felicity, when her mother was dying of cancer. Losing her mom was
devastating, until she realized, she said, that her mother's spirit was
watching over her, and really helping to make her dreams come true. Take a
look at how Amy Jo Johnson discovered her spirit, and the best part of
herself, through the loss - the painful loss - of her mom.

[old picture of Amy]

Amy - VO - I have so many memories of just me and my mom...[another old
picture of Amy, and her mom] I mean, she was my best friend growing up.
[picture of Amy in front of a Christmas tree] When I was 18 years old, I
packed my bags, [picture of her mother who has a photo of Amy on a shelf
beside her] and I moved to New York City because I wanted to become an

Interview with Amy, wearing a red shirt.
Amy - Getting Felicity was the BEST thing that has happened in my career, so
far. But it happened at a time where the worst thing in my life was
happening, [picture of her mother]..that was losing my mom. [another picture
of her mother] Saying goodbye to my mother was incredibly sad, but at the
same time, it was incredibly beautiful. [picture of Amy and her mom].

Interview again
Amy - When she passed away, like 3 days later... I went into my living room
and just started cryng and then all of a sudden I was just filled with the
most amazing, peaceful feeling. [picture of Amy and her mother] She came to
me and sort of gave me the feeling that all of the stuff that you worry
about in life, really means nothing.

[Shows Amy on a balcony of a house, staring up at the sky]
Amy - I look at life differently now, just kind of being in the present and
not always looking so much towards the future. Sometimes you just stop, and
just be... and just breathe.

[Shows a picture of a younger Amy]
Amy - When I was in 7th grade, I went through a really dark period of

Interview again.
Amy - And my mom brought me out of the depression, by giving me a book and
told me to write down all of the things that I'm grateful for, the simplest
things... and it was a miracle, and it worked. And I've been doing it ever

[Shows Amy taking a journal off a shelf that's lined with books and
Amy - Now I have 16 journals. [shows her writing 'Dear Mom' in a journal] I
write a million letters to her. Half of my journals are letters to my mom.
My mom is 100 per cent my guardian angel.

[Amy playing a guitar]
Amy - I love writing music. I love writing music about my mom. I just wrote
a song recently for my mom, and its called 'Beat of Her Drum'.

[Shows Amy playing guitar and singing Beat of her Drum with a picture of her
mom on a table in front of her with a candle near it.]
Amy - When I really want to feel close to her, I'll just sit down with her
picture in front of me, and I'll just start.

[Singing Beat of her Drum again, it fades out to the interview again]
Amy - Through my mom's illness, I've completley found my faith. [picture of
her mom] I saw so much faith in her... and so much beauty. [Beat of her Drum
plays while it shows a picture of her mother sitting in a field.]

[Everyone claps, Oprah smiles and shakes her head]
Oprah - You can see more of Amy Jo on Felicity, Wednesday nights on the WB
Network. Thank you so much. We'll be right back.