Scott Foley, Star of Scream 3 & WB's Felicity

From Instyle magazine, 2/00

AGE: I'm 27. People are usually like, "You're 27? I
thought you were 22."

STATUS: When I met [actress] Jennifer [Garner], it
was love at first sight. She's the nicest person in
the world. I found the girlfriend I always wanted...the ideal.

INTENTIONS: I'd like to move to Maine with my lovely
Jennifer, buy a little farm right on the ocean, and
have a sailboat. During the day, I could write and
make furniture. I'd love to build a log cabin; I just
love watching This Old House.

BUMPS IN THE ROAD: Jennifer has to watch me kiss
other girls, and I have to watch her kiss other guys,
which sucks. I won't meet the guys. It freaks me out.

PET PEEVES: A lack of common courtesy, and constant

SCREAM-WORTHY: The thought of going to prison. I've
always had a problem with authority, and I just hate
being told what to do. I'm also afraid of being
incapacitated in any way, shape or form. Scares the
hell out of me.

Thanks to Yan Lee for transcribing this.