Amy Smart in Teen Magazine

July 2000 issue

Thanks to Kim for transcribing this.

California native Amy Smart is a bona fide guy-magnet. If a girl isn't
careful, Amy might just nab her guy. She's definitely swiped her fair
share of dudes in Hollywood. Let's recount her conquests, shall we? Amy
played James Van Der Beek's devoted girlfriend Julie in "Varsity
Blues". Then, in Outside Providence, she played the chick who
transformed Shawn Hatosy's charactor from bad boy to studious stud. Most
recently she was sporting the serious polyester in the network movie
"The 70's" with Brad Rowe. And of course on TV's Felicity, she was Ruby,
Scott Foley's rebound girl. Not too shabby for a girl who never thought
she'd bust out of a successful modeling career (she's even graced a few
teen covers). "I used to think I was too shy to be a actress," Amy
says. Well, she's gotten over that. In fact, this summer's shy girl is back
on the screen with Breckin Meyer (Road Trip) where she plays Beth, the
girl who becomes the misinformed dude's cheating revenge. That's right,
Amy's character is the "star" of the naughty payback video. You can bet
she's aware of where the cameras are now, espcially when there's a guy
around. Hold onto your boyfriends, girls. (T)