FELICITY's Scott (with TIME's Garner) felt wedding pressure

Source: Soap Opera Digest, June 6, 2000

Thanks to Mandy for transcribing this.

Life is Beautiful: Scott Foley (Noel) is a contented man. "Everything is going
great," he enthuses. That, of course, includes his relationship with TIME OF
YOUR LIFE's Jennifer Garner (Romy). "We went to her little sister's wedding - talk
about pressure!" he chuckles. The actor is also putting pressure on himself by
getting up early and working out with a trainer, which wasn't easy during the
season because of the long work days he had to put in on The WB drama.
Although Foley is pleased with his life, it isn't perfect. "(Once) when I was really
upset and full of stress, I got a call from J.J. Abrams, the creator (and executive
producer) of the show," Foley recalls. "I thought he was calling to tell me that I
had to be in earlier, but he said, 'Scott, I just wanted to tell you we are so thrilled
with the work you're doing.' It was such a great moment. That's all you need to
hear sometimes - just one person saying you're doing a good job."