Keri Russell / Scott Speedman article from Star Magazine take it with a grain of salt.

April 5, 2000

Beautiful Felicity star Keri Russell has ditched her longtime
boyfriend and is now romancing her hunky co-star Scott

Scott, 24, plays hearthrob Ben Covington, the object of
Felicity’s desire. STAR has now learned they’ve taken the
relationship off the set.

The new twosome spend all day working together, and now
they are together on weekends too, enjoying cozy lunches
at popular Los Angeles eateries.

A friend of Keri’s says she turned to Scott after she broke
up with her live-in actor boyfriend Tony Lucca, 24, who
appeared with her in the failed TV series Malibu Shores.

“Keri and Tony had been having problems for a while. Tony
had trouble with her success, plus she was never home.
Often she wouldn’t get home until two or three in the
morning after a studio party and that really rankled him.”

“It got to the point where they weren’t spending any time
together at all. So they thought it best to call it quits and
he’s moved out. Keri was good buddies with Scott before
her breakup with Tony, but now it’s developed into
something more.

“They started doing more and more things together, and
they’ve really hit it off. They sneak away to the movies.
They go to lunch and have nice quiet dinners together.

“They were at The Newsroom the other day, chowing down
on salads and veggie sandwiches. Keri’s a health food nut
and so is Scott.”

Keri and Scott went public with their romance at the recent
Golden Globes award show.

“Keri seemed to lean on him for support throughout the
evening,” says the friend. “She says she feels comfortable
with him and that she feels like she can trust him.”

Scott was last linked with actress Gwyneth Paltrow, his
co-star in the big-screen flick Duets.

--Jennifer Pearson