Source: the January 2000 issue of Teen Magazine

By trading in Felicity's trademark luscious locks for a curly crop,
23-year-old Keri redefined her character (and herself!), making sure - in a
major way - that she's respected for her acting skills, and not just her good
looks. She's become the poster girl for go-for-it gusto, preferring to sport
the simple, non-glam style she shares with her character. "It's sad when
girls think they don't have anything going on except being pretty," she says.
And even though the verdict's not in on whether the new 'do is a "do" or a "do
not," it's definitely a much-needed makeover. Sure, Felicity's still mulling
over the age-old Ben vs. Noel question and obsessing about her love life
(hey, don't we all?), but by changing her major, becoming an R.A., dealing
with fragile friendships..."I hope that Felicity will help young girls have a
better sense of themselves," says Keri, "so they'll feel free to be more
real." Felicity's reality is that her free-spirited fling with Ben has
certainly left lots of crappy consequences, like having to deal with so-sweet
Scott Foley's Noel hooking up with adorable Amy Smart's Ruby and sexy Scott
Speedman's Ben dating an older woman. And as for Felicity's dating her
professor's son? That's definitely not going to earn her good grades in our
book, since we're still trying to decide between Ben and Noel.