Tangi Miller chat / AOL

September 26, 1999

Thanks to RMeyer for passing this on.

AOLiveMC4: Welcome to AOL LIVE, Tangi Miller!

Tangi Miller: Thank you! And it is a pleasure for me to be here!

Question: What can we look forward to in “Felicity’s” season premiere?

Tangi Miller: Oh, it's gonna be wild and crazy! Because there's a scene....
::laughing:: And I don't know that I can give that much away, but the big
question of who Felicity goes with, we address that, and there's a scene
where the five of us are all together literally screaming at each other about
her decision. So it's very, very interesting!

AOLiveMC4: Can't wait to see everyone screaming! Sounds like fun!

Question: Tangi, you have beautiful skin! What kind of makeup do you use,
and what kind of skin care line do you use?

Tangi Miller: Skin care, a good wash, something that doesn't have an oil
base, 'cause I have oily skin. It goes back and forth. I don't have a
particular brand that I use to cleanse my face, just like Neutrogena soap or
a scrub. I'll read it, and if it's light and gentle without oil in it, I
could buy it. So it's nothing in particular, but I do use a particular
makeup. I use Interface, which I think is a new line out of Texas. And their
makeup is very sheer. I use it sometimes when I'm not working. They have
oil-free makeup that's very sheer and natural looking.

AOLiveMC4: All right! From the face to the hair, what do you think? Tangi,
what do you think of Keri Russell's new 'do?

Tangi Miller: ::laughing:: I like it. At first, it scared me. ::laughing::
When I first heard she had cut her hair, I thought, oh my God, she's gotta be
crazy. But it's so cute on her. You can see her eyes more, you can really see
her face. I think before the cut it was all about her hair, and now you can
see *her,* which I like. So I don't know if I prefer the cut, I just like the
difference. She can always grow her hair back. I think it's a nice change for

AOLiveMC4: OK, another "hairy" question...

Question: Hey, Tangi I just love your character, especially the episode with
the hair wrap! I was just wondering if Elena would have more of a humorous
role this season? Or something different? =)

Tangi Miller: Yes, I think initially Elena was brought into the group to
create conflict, because she's different and she's a New Yorker with a
different perspective, and the character served the conflict purpose. But I
think after the first year, now we've become friends, we're in a different
place. And I can honestly say that now, or at least the last episodes that
we've been working on, Elena's downright silly. She's funny, very, very
funny. And light, she's very light. I think she needed to come in the way she
came in because, honestly, a character like her, if she met Felicity, she
would probably react to her the way she did. That's just being honest to the
character. And I think that it would take time for them to develop a
friendship where they could hang out and be light and really like each other.
They would have to get to know each other.

Question: Tangi, I just read the spoiler for tonight’s episode, but I still
can't wait (I'm a huge fan!) How do you feel tonight, while almost everyone
is about to find out the secret that you've kept for so long?

Tangi Miller: Mmm! I don't know that we find out in this episode! We deal so
much with who Felicity chose. I still don't tell everybody, so it's still a
little bit of a secret.

AOLiveMC4: Well, maybe our guest knows something you don't! ::grin::

Question: Hi, Tangi! How is it working with the whole cast of “Felicity”?
Also, what do you want to do after the show is over?

Tangi Miller: It's working very well, we're kind of like a family. We've
been together for a year now. We do our scenes, we have fun together. And I'd
like to do more movies. I'd like to maybe do plays in the summertime and do
movies on my hiatus.

Question: Hi, Tangi! How did you get cast for the part?

Tangi Miller: Most actors have an agent, and your agent submits you to
casting directors who are casting for particular projects, and I was
submitted by my agent and went in on an audition, went to several callbacks
and to the final callback, and finally landed the role. The key thing is to
have an agent who will submit you for parts.

Question: What is your favorite part about being on “Felicity”?

Tangi Miller: The money! ::laughing:: I'm just kidding! ::laughing:: Well,
it's so rare. I actually went to school to be an actress, people have said
it's so crazy, it's a dream. They discourage you from doing it because it's
so unlikely that you'll actually make a living at it, so I'm so happy just to
be able to work and afford to pay my bills like a normal person would be able
to if they worked a job. But that tickles me probably more than anything.

Question: I heard Meghan is becoming a regular and an R.A. If this is true,
what can we expect from her? And will we ever find out what is inside her
mysterious box?

Tangi Miller: ::laughing:: I don't know if Meghan will let anyone find out
what's in her box! I'm sure we probably will find out, just don't know when.
But I think she's been a regular all last season, but now it's official. So
you can look to see more of her in some really fun situations. Her
character's bananas!

Question: How do you deal with the pressures of working in Hollywood?

Tangi Miller: It's really not that much pressure. The hardest part is coming
home and sleeping and getting up and doing the same thing again. It's a lot
of hard work. But it's so much fun! It's no pressure, really. I almost feel
guilty having the job! I wouldn't call it pressure, at least not yet. I'm
going into my second season. I graduated from Irvine the year before last so,
so far it's been all gravy, really easy, just the schedule is long. We have
12- to 16-hour days, 5 days a week, and then publicity and things like this
on the weekends, so you don't have a lot of time.

Question: Tangi, what is your favorite sport?

Tangi Miller: Hmm. I don't know that I have a favorite. To watch or to play?
I like bowling, I like volleyball. I like walking, but that's not a sport. I
like to watch basketball, tennis. I love the World Cup. I love to watch
soccer. But not just any soccer -- the World Cup, when they play for all the
countries, I get into it. I like to dance. That's my biggest sport.

Question: Do you think that the show is really representative of college

Tangi Miller: I think so, but that can vary depending on which university
you go to and which people you're following. This particular show is centered
around Felicity and her friends, and I think it's very true to her story. But
you could be in another university in another state with different people,
but in her world I think it's true to real life.

Question: Have you ever modeled? You look like a model.

Tangi Miller: No, but I want to start! They make a lot of money!
::laughing:: It's really funny to me that models... there's nothing wrong
with being a model, I'm saying this out of admiration -- I dance and I act,
we have to learn our lines and be in character, dance, work out on stage --
and models, they just look beautiful! They take pictures of them! So it seems
like an easy job. ::laughter:: No, I'm kidding! No, I've never modeled, but
I think it's a cool job.

Question: How do you feel about the fans of “Felicity”? Have you ever had an
odd experience with any?

Tangi Miller: No, not really, most people are very supportive, and they're
very complimentary and very respectful. I've only ever had a couple people,
this group were following me because they weren't sure if I was Elena. They
followed me for a couple blocks when I was in New York. They asked if I was
in “Felicity,” and we started talking. But most people [talk] right away or
they don't [talk] at all. But most people are very respectful and nice.
They're fun to talk to.

Question: Are there any shows in particular you would like to appear on?

Tangi Miller: “NYPD Blue,” “ER.” Yeah, those, or “New York Undercover.” I
really like cop shows.

Question: If you were not in an acting career, what do you think you might

Tangi Miller: Business, marketing. Actually I have two degrees. I started
out in business. I wanted to go into real estate, and then I wanted to do PR
work. I was totally not an actress, it was a hobby of mine.

Question: Have you done any other roles, TV, whatever, before “Felicity”?

Tangi Miller: Yes. I did what's called "The Other Brother"... I've done
“Arliss,” and I did an episode of “Cousin Skeeter.” ::laughter::

Question: Do you plan to move on with a major star role in a big movie?

Tangi Miller: I sure hope so! But not and leave “Felicity.” I'd like to do
movie roles, but I'd also like to stay with “Felicity.” I like “Felicity”!

Question: What would be your dream role in a future production?

Tangi Miller: Romantic action. It hasn't been written, so it's hard to tell.
A romantic action with a female lead.

Question: What is your favorite movie?

Tangi Miller: Oh, God! That's so hard, because I change, you know, every
year. Right now I loved Gwyneth in “Shakespeare in Love.” That’s my favorite
so far right now, my recent favorite movie. It just changes.

Question: What does your family think about “Felicity,” or do they watch it?

Tangi Miller: They watch it, yes, and they love it! My family -- I'm not
from a family of actors. They love it, they're very happy and excited about
me being on the show.

Question: What was your favorite episode?

Tangi Miller: For all of us, I think the Thanksgiving episode, because it
was the first time we all bonded, and it was just kind of sweet.

AOLiveMC4: And here is a good question! When does the new season start?

Tangi Miller: Today! This is the new season! Premiere of the new season.

Question: Tangi, do you play any instrument?

Tangi Miller: I don't. I wish! ::laughter:: I wish I could play the piano,
but I don't!

AOLiveMC4: Here is our last question of the evening.

Question: What kind of things did you participate in when you were in school?

Tangi Miller: I was the class president, I was in the band -- I twirled
baton, I didn't play an instrument. I was involved in a lot of clubs, home
ec, drama. I just did a lot! I had fun in school. I was so involved with
school, in doing things that were fun for me, activities, that I didn't
bother getting into drugs, or trying drugs, or anything like that....

Tangi Miller: My favorite time was like my junior and senior year of high
school. I don't know many people who can say that! College came close, but I
think I still had more fun, because there was pressure, but not to worry
about money for school or anything. I had fun! I had so much fun doing things
in school and putting together different events. I was always organizing
parties, bake sales, car washes for different clubs so we could do things. It
was a lot of fun. I don't understand why some people don't like school or
dread it. I was bored in the summers because all I could do was work, really.

AOLiveMC4: Thank you so much, Tangi Miller, for being here with us tonight!

Tangi Miller: It's my pleasure. Thank you guys for having me. I'm honored,
actually. It's nice to be a part of this -- and watch tonight!

AOLiveMC4: We wish you much success! Good night, and take care. Good night,