#1.19 Connections

"You're young, perky... and then there's the hair." -Abby

Aired May 11, 1999

In a nutshell: Felicity fills in for Abby; Felicity and Noel do the rebuilding thing; Ben does the gambling / alcoholic thing; Richard moves in with Noel; Elena asks out McGrath; Ben goes to Felicity after getting beat up; Felicity must fire the guy on 'Moonlighting.'

People who thought this up: Andrea Newman (the writer), Danny Leiner (the director)

Supporting cast: Chris Sarandon (Prof. McGrath), Curtis Armstrong (Danny), Alexandra Wentworth (Abby), Greg Grunberg (Sean), Robert Patrick Benedict (Richard), Dash Mihok (Lynn), Brian Klugman (Guy), Chad Gabriel (Ben's bookie), Drew Pillsbury (swim coach), Steven Hofvendahl

Tunes: Joan Jones ("Everyday Down"--Felicity soundtrack), 3 Colours Red, Silver Chair (song title unknown--Neon Ballroom), Stereophonics


Long summary

-Abby, the manager at D&D, asks Felicity to be the acting
manager while she is away, and asks her to fire a worker.
-Professor McGrath asks Elena to be his assistant.
-Ben meets with the bookie (Barry), & Barry asks Ben to
work off his debit by getting money back from the people
who owe him (Barry).
-Ben tries to ask a guy for money, but can't and gives up.
-Ben's swim coach tells Ben he is going to be suspended if
he can't pay the tuition.
-Ben goes to the bank for a loan, but is turned down. He finds
out all he needs is someone to co-sign the loan, so he asks Sean,
who says ok.
-At D&D, the worker (Danny) who Felicity has to fire shows up late.
He gives her an excuse. Elena is there and tells Felicity that Danny is
a liar.
-In the dorm, Richard's room is too hot, so he asks Noel if he can
stay in his room with him until it's fixed. Noel says okay.
-Ben & Sean go to the bank for the loan, but find out that Sean's
credit is not good. Ben gets upset.
-Felicity fires Danny.
-In Noel's Room, Richard reads Noel's mail. Noel arrives, and Richard
tells him he opened his mail and read that he got accepted to do a summer
internship in Berlin, Germany. Noel seems happy. Richard asks him
how Felicity will take it, since he heard she was going to hang with
Noel all summer. They discuss telling Felicity and testing her
-Elena helps Prof. McGrath. He tells her she is very mature. She then
finds out his wife is not well.
-Ben goes to steal Sean's watch and pawn it, but Julie catches him.
He explains, & she tells him to ask his parents for money. He gets
pissed off at her.
-Noel tells Felicity he got accepted for the internship in Berlin, &
she notices him looking at her reaction.
-At D&D, Danny shows up for work. Felicity asks why he is there.
He tells her that she can't fire him because she is not the boss.
-Elena works with Prof. McGrath. He thanks her for helping, and says he
won't need her anymore. She asks him out to dinner. He
turns her down. She is upset.
-At the bar, Lynn tells Ben that Barry is looking for him. Barry
shows up, but he won't let Ben leave, so Ben pushes him to the floor.
Barry is pissed and goes and calls his friends.
-At D&D, it's closing time, & Danny is sweeping the floor. Felicity
tells him how to do it. Julie calls Felicity and tells her that Lynn
called her and told her that Barry is going to get some guys to
beat up Ben. She asks if Felicity has seen Ben, and then asks
her to go with her to look for him. She says okay, and asks Danny
to close D&D. She hands him the keys.
-Ben is walking down the streets, then gets beat up.
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-Ben is still missing. Felicity & Noel arrive home after looking
for Ben. They say goodnight and end up kissing, as friends.
Richard is waiting for Noel to arrive home, & catches them kissing.
-Felicity arrives at work the next day and learns that Danny is now
the Assistant Manager (he is a changed guy). Abby is back and gave
Danny the promotion. Abby is disappointed with Felicity for leaving last
-Felicity finds out Danny is a nice guy.
-Prof. McGrath tells Elena that he thought about it and
would like to go to dinner with her.
-Ben has been missing for 24 hours. Felicity is almost asleep when he
shows up at her dorm room.
-Ben tells Felicity he is turning into his dad, meaning when he gets pissed
he always ends up fighting. He says he can't tell him Mom, since
she is finally happy to be divorced. He also doesn't want her to worry.
Felicity tells him to tell her, since she is his Mom.
-Ben arrives home. Julie,Lynn and Sean are there. He goes and
calls him Mom.