#1.4 Spooked

"I saw him kissing the Pink Power Ranger." -Felicity

Aired October 27, 1998

In a nutshell: Felicity and Ben bond after a robbery; Julie and Zack bond after The Exorcist; Felicity catches Ben kissing a Pink Power Ranger; Noel and Elena do the Subway thing; Elena hooks up with the Tin Man.

People who thought this up: Jennifer Levin (the writer), Joan Tewkesbury (the director)

Supporting cast: Devon Gummersall (Zack), Greg Grunberg (Sean), Shan Omar Huey (Blair), Sam Shamshak, Ian Gomez (Javier), Amanda Foreman (Meghan), Sebastian Tillinger, Christien Anholt, Erica Jimeney-Almarado (Eva Lonner), Vanessa Jimeney-Almarado (Christine Lonner), Andy Hubbell (KBLB Goalie), Leslie Seana Olivan (Tiffany)

Tunes: Esthero ("Heaven Sent"--Breath From Another), Liz Phair ("Baby Got Going"--White Chocolate SpaceEgg), Money Mark ("Push the Button"--Push the Button), Marc Cohn ("True Companion"--Marc Cohn)


Long summary

Unfortunately for Felicity, her relationship with Ben wasn't going anywhere (deepening). Except when he had a really tough homework assignment.

One way to deepen a relationship, though, is to get robbed at gunpoint. That's what happens when Ben and Felicity are are heading back to the loft one afternoon. Gone are Felicity's necklace, Ben's scrappy temper, and Sean's book of business ideas, in one fell swoop.

So when the police show up, Ben and Felicity agree to look through mug shots.

Meghan, in the mean time, is busy scouting out Felicity's side of the room--just in case her roomie didn't make it. But no one, including Noel, Julie or Elena, seems to know anything for sure, until Felicity walks in and assures them she's okay. Now she just has to talk to her dad.

But Sean's still concerned about his stolen business book--couldn't Ben have done anything to stop those armed robbers? (not realizing how insensitive he sounds).

Meanwhile, Noel's thinking about the time he got pushed over by a homeless guy, which is very different from being mugged (which really pissed Elena off). Zack is just trying to scare up a date with Julie.

Sometime in the wee hours of the morning, Ben stops by to see Felicity--who senses a new level of bonding with the object of her obsession.

She also seems to bond with Javier, an interviewer for a coffee house position (who offers her the job--and no, plus sized clothing does not equal fat).

Elena seems to be losing her bond with Noel, especially since he posted that witch on her door (she hates Halloween). They agree to go to the party together--but she doesn't have to ask him in the men's room, next time.

At the police station, Ben seems anxious to leave, even though Felicity's positive she's spotted her guy--only ten years younger, and twenty pounds thinner (besides that).

Zack's also anxious--to have a good time with Julie, that is (their Exorcist date is going well--not exceedingly well--as Professor Garribay would say--but pretty damn good).

Later that night, Felicity goes to Ben's to carve pumpkins. Somehow, they decide to go to Ben's Halloween party as Frankenstein and the bride of Frankenstein, and Ben begins revealing stuff about his alcoholic dad. They begin talking about more personal things when Sean "my idea book got stolen so I'll eat your Taste of Tokyo" comes home and kills the ambience. Ben calls Felicity a cab.

Felicity is looking at mug shots, alone.

At the party, Felicity learns that Ben has decided not to go as Frankenstein, even though she's dressed as Courtney Love... no, the Bride of Frankenstein... no, Morticia Addams, of the Addams family... no, Courtney Love (while Ben's sporting his Rat Pack attire). She asks him why he didn't bother to show up at the police station.

Meanwhile, Zack is busy trying to kiss Julie (who's dressed as a cat)--but all she wants to do is run away.

When Felicity sees Ben kissing the Pink Power Ranger, she's had enough--that, and too much tequila, or something. Back in her dorm room, Noel stops by and reassures her by telling her how smart, beautiful, strong, etc., she is (brownie points for Noel)--until Morticia, er, the Bride, ralphs all over him.

Noel finds out that Elena has a thing for the Tin Man--who just happens to be in her room when he stops by. Noel warns her that he doesn't have a heart.

So it's Pink Power Rangers that are still on Felicity's mind when she confronts Ben in class--reminding him to call on one at 2 a.m. the next time he needs a friend. But hey, he can date a ghost or a cheerleader if he wants, since he's just a guy in college. Plus, their shared moment didn't mean anything.

Julie finally kisses Zack, who admits he's not very experienced (with girls, not poorly made home movies).

So Ben goes to apologize to Felicity for his insensitive remarks, but finds Noel instead. Cyber Boy tells Ben he doesn't want to see Felicity get hurt.

But Felicity's too busy ignoring Ben to get hurt--at work, that is--until he starts acting like a customer. In a real shared moment, he gives her a necklace to replace the one stolen in the robbery. They rebond. The end.

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