#1.9 Finally

"'He sleeps with dead people?" -Felicity

Aired December 15, 1998

In a nutshell: Felicity and Noel attempt to define their budding relationship; Felicity tutors Ben in poetry; Noel OD's on herbs; Julie sells fruit for Sean; Richard thinks the Clinton defense is not a good excuse; Elena eats a lot of M&M's.

People who thought this up: J.J. Abrams (the writer), Michael Fields (the director)

Supporting cast: Amanda Foreman (Meghan), Greg Grunberg (Sean), Robert Patrick Benedict (Richard), Eric Saiet, Steve Monroe, Maulik Pancholy, Lela Lee (Pauline), Liza Del Mundo (Random), Rina Lyn (Kid), Eddie Santiago (Math Major).

Tunes: Ella Fitzgerald ("Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas"--Wishes You A Swinging Christmas)


Long summary

Neither Noel nor Felicity seem to know what they are each other. Or what it all means.

But Noel's got more pressing matters on his mind: his uncle's been hit by a chicken truck (he has narcolepsy, not necrophilia), and Noel may have to head south to buy the casket. In other words, outlook not good.

So Felicity and Noel exchange good byes and a quick kiss at the elevator, while Felicity promises not to hook up with Ben while he's gone.

But alas, he's back before Felicity has a chance to be the rebound girl. Julie and Felicity are studying in her room when Noel, breathless from running up the stairs, bounds into the room. He and Felicity decide to hold off on the relationship stuff until their finals are over (oh, and the uncle didn't actually die).

Sean tells Ben that he plans to sell fruit in the library (it's what desperate college students need).

Meanwhile, Noel learns that he's got the wrong luggage, and an advisee wants to fake a bomb threat to avoid her linguistics final. That, and Richard's having a barbecue in his room.

While Elena's working her system (a complicated scheme involving M&M's), Felicity notices a guy listening to music, completely relaxed during the frenzied finals period. He offers her some antidepressants--but learns she would rather remain uptight.

Noel's a little uptight himself when he reminds Richard that people die of indoor barbecues everyday. That, and he's in the middle of an emotionally taxing beginning of a relationship. He threatens to report Barbecue Boy to student council.

So Noel tells Felicity and Elena about his transvestite repertory items (the ones he found in his luggage), while she offers to help him with Great Expectations--the book, not the dating service. Without personal emotional stuff or kissing.

But kissing is all that's on Noel's mind as they alternately study and make out in a library carousel. Which is making Noel forget things he learned in high school.

(Note: this scene is subtitled) The only thing on Ben's mind is walls: ones made of poetic odes, that is. He and Julie get shushed while trying to discuss them (Ode to a Grecian Urn, Ode to a Mighty Morphin, etc.).

Felicity and Noel decide to make out in the stacks (Dickens isn't interesting enough), but their makeout session is thwarted by Richard, who threatens to report Noel's ass.

So while Sean's trying to get Felicity to see the connection between Vitamin C and infertility, Felicity's just thinking about passing her finals, and helping Ben study Keats (since she owes him for rewriting his essay). Even though Elena doesn't think she has the time.

Noel finally catches up with Richard, taking the Clinton defense while B.B. (Barbecue Boy) tries to decide whether or not C.B. (Cyber boy) is fit to be an R.A.

Elena's just thinking Noel and Felicity should fit each other with lo-jacks, while Noel assures her that Felicity's study session with Ben doesn't rip him to shreds. Uh huh.

More importantly, though, is curing hiccups by thinking of three bald men with a penny in between one's toes. That's what Felicity and Ben learn -- that, and pizza is the greatest. Ben asks Felicity if she's going home with Noel.

But Noel's still looking for Felicity, who is not wearing a lo-jack, and has left a detailed message on his machine ("Where the hell are you?")

Sean's just trying to sell fruit, even though Julie thinks it's a stupid idea. Until some guy buys an orange for a dollar.

Instead of finding Felicity, Noel encounters her roomie, who offers him an herbal concoction (smart pow-DER) to boost his photographic memory capabilities. In exchange for ten bucks and the powder, Noel learns that Meghan has a social life, gets sustainable grades, and thinks poorly of Felicity's wardrobe.

Sean's thinking highly of Julie, though, especially since a pretty girl selling fruit works much better than a slightly overweight upperclassmen / budding entrepreneur who studied economics at Harvard selling fruit.

Meanwhile, Noel's acting like a fruit: a drunken one, that is (must be the smart powder).

Felicity's acting like a fruit, too, as she watches Ben read an Ode and looks about ready to kiss him.

So when Noel finds Elena, the future doctor, sitting there and looking so small, she checks his pulse. But that can't possibly be his heart.

Noel asks Meghan if there were any beets in the powder, but she's talking too slow (something about 200% concentration, and him being a little hyper).

Ben tells Felicity he saw her and Noel kissing in the bathroom.

Cut to a scene of Noel, still high on smart powder, watching Ben and Felicity from a window.

Felicity tells Ben she doesn't know what she and Noel are to each other. But he's definitely one of the most level headed guys she knows.

Cut to Noel, who's losing it as he watches them from the window.

(this scene is subtitled) Noel bursts into the room, ranting and raving about how Felicity is supposed to be helping and liking him. Which is funny to Ben, but not to Felicity, or Richard--who's convinced he's unfit to be an R.A. Felicity apologizes for the distraction and goes to find some personal space.

Noel finds some personal space of his own--in the cafeteria with Ben--who believes that warm milk and a sandwich should do the trick. Even though Ben may be the unrequired nightmare, Noel is still one of the most level headed guys Felicity knows (which is sexy).

In her room, Felicity tells Sally how Noel was such a freak. She credits Elena's system for making it through finals.

Cut to a scene of Noel offering Richard a bag of charcoal.

Felicity is taking a final when Noel stops by and tells her that his uncle died. That, and never to eat anything Meghan gives her. Ever. They kiss.

Felicity calls Ben to share a cab to the airport, but learns he's staying in New York (something about snow). Seems that he's hooked up with Julie, who's lying in his bed.

In the final scene, Felicity stands in the elevator while Sally rambles on about defining things. She wishes Felicity a very merry Christmas.

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