#2.16 Revolutions

"Who won?" -Noel
"I really don't think it was you." -Ben

Aired April 5, 2000

Written by Lynn Cantor & Mitch Salem, Directed by Barnet Kellman

Guests: Ian Gomez (Javier), Michael Pena (Burky), Amy Smart (Ruby), Chris Martin (Greg), Erich Anderson (Dr. Porter), Keiko ? (Lela), Amy Aquino (Dr. Pavone), and a lot of other people whose names I missed

Music: Jill Sobule ("Rock me to sleep"--Pink Pearl); Jill Phillips (Jill Phillips)

Tamara's summary of this episode (way longer, more detailed, and er, better, than mine)


* addendum to previous post: Sob story over. A special and hearty thanks to Libby, Kim & Merrill for summing up part one and promptly ending "Jen's VCR explodes from a deathgrip chokehold" saga.

Javier thinks he sees an old boyfriend. He cuddles up to Ben like he's his new boyfriend. Ben wants to quit. But wait, it's not him (the old boyfriend), after all. It doesn't get much better than this.

Meghan is annoyed by Felicity's highlighting. Felicity is annoyed by Burky's pestering.

Julie tells Felicity that she still has nightmares about her rape.

At the health center, Felicity's hackles go up when she learns that they don't distribute the "morning after" pill anymore. She is forced to turn a student away.

Noel offers to tutor Ben in their "Hobbes and Locke" class.

Greg tells Felicity there's nothing he can do about the pill situation.

Dr. Pavone advises a frustrated Felicity to do something about the pill thingie.

Felicity does some research, then tells the student (Lela) about her plans for a protest.

Elena, Felicity, Lela and Burky begin their sit-in protest. Greg isn't happy -- now he might not get that recommendation from that guy. I don't know which guy.

Burky distributes flyers for the sit in.

Ben and Noel do the tutoring / drinking thing.

Burky's flyers have apparently worked: large groups of people begin entering the health center.

Even though she's preggers, Ruby supports the movement and helps Julie & Elena make signs.

Felicity announces that the administration's response is "no response." As Sean continues to videotape the protesters, the twin cheerleaders from Sophomoric break into cheer, and some hippie guy sings a guitar version of "We Shall Not Be Moved."

Ben and Noel get into a fight during an intense video game over a beer can. (yes, a beer can).

Greg's recommendation falls through because of Felicity. He tells her she can't possibly win.

At the sit/sleep-in, Felicity tells Julie to make an appointment with the counselor to discuss her rape.

Ben and Noel wake up in the aftermath of their fistfight / drinking binge. Ben's not dead.

Ben makes a nasty drink with eggs. No one thinks that Noel won the fight.

Sean waves his camera in front of some car in the street.

Felicity's dad comes by the "protest room" where everyone's just sitting around.

Felicity learns that an article has been written about the protest in the paper. That's when Dad Porter (who's involved because of his job) and daughter meet with Greg and the Head Health Center Guy (HHCG for short) where HHCG and Dad ask Felicity to drop the protest in exchange for a review of the morning after pill. Greg unexpectedly backs Felicity up when she says no way.

Felicity goes outside to talk to the TV reporters.

Noel and Ben see Felicity on TV with their newly bruised eyes.

Julie steps in front of the cameras for Felicity when she loses her confidence.

Ben and Noel watch Julie talk about her rape ordeal and the importance of the morning after pill.

Pan scene of protesters. Felicity thanks Greg for his help.

Greg receives a call from Dean Allison, who saw Julie on TV.

Felicity announces to the protesters that the administration finally caved. She inadvertantly kisses Greg.

The protesters celebrate a.l.a. the painting party scene (you know, where Felicity breaks into that weird dance of hers). Burky asks Meghan to dance. The end.

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