#2.3 Ancient History

"You can't nix a guy because of his hair." -Ben

Aired October 10, 1999

Written by Andrea Newman, Directed by Keith Samples

Guests: Sally Kirkland (art professor), Robert Patrick Benedict (Richard), Michael Pena (Burky), Amy Smart (Ruby), Stephanie Marie Baker (Bridgid), Trevor Lissauer (Andrew), Lawrence Edward Sullivan Jr. (Preston), L.B. Fisher (Carl), Janis Chow (Susan), Michael Weiner (Bruce), Nancy Jeris (administration worker), Reagan Gomez-Preston (student), Diva Zappa (student #2)

Tunes: Meshell Ndegeocello (album-Bitter), Tommy Henriksen (album-Tommy Henriksen)


Long summary

Burky might like Felicity's new 'do, unlike Meggy, but Meggy gets right to the point: Burky doesn't count.

More importantly, however, Felicity's thinking about changing her major (from pre-med to art). This occurs after a bunch of people comment on her hair, and before her advisee Ruby has her scheduling crisis. Ruby's thinking a course on Czarist Russia sounds pretty good, but Felicity's just thinking about those darned painting classes--after discovering that there is more to the art program than she thought (painting, sketching, the "Joey Potter / charcoal till you find yourself" class, etc.).

So she thinks about rearranging her schedule, but only after staring at the catalog for a really long time.

In lab, she tells Elena that she is doing her best to avoid what's his name, and that she is not going to drop pre-med.

Cut to a scene of Felicity dropping pre-med.

Meanwhile, Sean's trying not to drop a large piece of furniture as he and Ben move Ben's new bedframe into the loft. But hey, he doesn't want to hear Julie and Ben reminisce about the size of it (his old bed, that is). Julie tells them she found a new place to live.

Noel's thinking Richard should find a new place, too, as Richard "former-barbecue boy turned hand modeling entrepreneur" offers him brutal love advice over the Bridgid situation (whose phone number turned out to be a pizza joint). He may have been brutally rejected, but hey--that's all Richard is saying. And pizza ain't so bad, really.

What's really bad is Felicity's new hairdo--which Noel attributes to a bad hair year (that, and she can grow it back). He may be acting jerky about it, as Elena sees it, but Felicity just wants to get along--though it seems pretty obvious that they can't.

Less obvious is the fact that Felicity will run into Noel yet again--this time in art class. He's just trying to pick up on Bridgid, but the professor is trying to get the class partnered off--leaving Felicity with the person on her left (pizza girl).

Meghan's partner, on the other hand, seems to be her razor, while Ruby's just wishing for Felicity to show up. She tells them she needs help purchasing a computer, leading Meggy to suggest Noel Crane (even though Felicity thinks it's a bad idea). (this editor thinks a good idea would be to not show people shaving their armpits).

Meanwhile, Ben and Sean are interviewing a potential roommate, though Sean thinks he's got too much flippin' hair. But hey, you can't nix a guy because of his hair.

Speaking of hair, Felicity and Bridgid work on their art assignment while discussing how hard relationships are (they just are). Which leads Felicity to learn two important things: a) Noel is a persistent little Cyber boy, and b) Bridgid is gay.

But Richard's thinking that Felicity is trying to sabotage Noel's budding relationship with pizza girl, since the cards are always stacked against him, anyways. That's when Ruby shows up--seems that she looked Noel up in the phone book on her own. But, being newly suspicious of all women connected to Felicity, Noel gives her the brush off. But only after Richard slams the door in her face, first.

Elena's doing some slamming of her own as she rags on Felicity for changing majors--even though it's Elena who really loves medicine. Not to mention that Noel and Felicity are ancient history.

Julie's thinking about history, too, while Ben tries to unstick her poster from the wall (gum works even better than tape). She may have written songs about Ben dying over the summer, but seems happily sympathetic about his recent break up with what's her name (funny how they all seem to know about this, like osmosis). But hey, he'll get over it.

Felicity's trying to get over it too, but seeing Ben around doesn't help.

Meanwhile, Bridgid-with-a-d keeps bumping into Noel, only this time she has something to tell him. Which makes Noel suspicious--causing him to blame Felicity for butting into his "life" (and I do use that term loosely). They make a deal to avoid each other--prompting Felicity to run back to the registrar's office.

Unfortunately, Drawing 10 is a prerequisite, meaning she can't drop the class.

Julie's luck is running out too when she finds out that her prospective roommate, Susan, has decided to let her sister move in. But hey, she got to see Julie's really cool lamp.

So Felicity tells Noel that she couldn't drop the class, but Noel's still not happy: after all, seeing "the girl formerly known for her abundance of hair" around only reminds him that she chose "he who now shaves but can't commit" over him. He asks why, but Felicity can't answer that question--even though she may have made a huge mistake.

Ben and Sean are getting lucky, though, when they find out that their next possible roommate not only likes to cook, but plans to cook nonstop (omelettes?). Julie tells him that he'll love living there--though they just might miss her mean bowl of cereal.

Noel apologizes to Ruby, but finds out that she's already done the deed. Seems that "Cyber girl" is into I-Macs, too.

Elsewhere, Elena is still upset that she's sans lab partner, since Felicity has officially abandoned her. But hey, she's proud of her girl for sticking to it (art, that is).

Felicity's not so sure she made the right choice, though--especially after her hand drawing gets slammed in class. Noel may think it has nice detail, but the Professor's thinking art it ain't.

So Felicity thanks Noel for defending her, explaining that switching majors may have been some kind of psychotic break. But she's not having a psychotic break, or maybe she is having a psychotic break, in which case she's not having a psychotic break, since a person having a psychotic break doesn't know they're having a psychotic break until others tell them that they are--or maybe she just needs to stop listening to Burky. At any rate, she chose badly over the summer--leaving Cyber boy speechless. But more importantly, Bridgid is gay.

Meanwhile, Julie's making a mean bowl of cereal (with Ben's help) as the three roomies silently partake in their morning Captain Crunch ritual (a pretty funny scene, actually). That's when Ben decides that omelettes aren't so great, after all--not nearly as tantalizing as Captain Crunch, in a bowl. Which makes Julie and Sean pretty happy.

So Felicity asks Noel if he wants to hang out, but finds out he's already got a date with Ruby (some kind of walking tour). The scene concludes with a Sally voiceover--something about leaving the past behind and moving on--but I was too busy trying Julie's cereal recipe at the time, to notice.

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