#2.7 Getting Lucky

"It's code. Universal code." -Elena

Aired November 14, 1999

Written by Jennifer Levin, Directed by Dan Appel

Guests: Teri Polo (Maggie), Henri Lubatti (David), David Starsky (Mr. Sherwood), Jill Parker-Jones (Vet)



Felicity's met someone really special, finally (cut to a scene of a dog). That, and things with the other dog, er, David, are going great (both are sweet and don't have collars).

So she takes said pooch to Elena's, who's afraid of getting a disease. But not from Lucky, the retarded dog. She pesters Felicity about her non-scoring with David, and both learn that Noel is deathly allergic to fur (but not Felicity's hair, as evidenced by next week's previews). That, and he used to have a pet named Woofie.

At the vets', Elena's still thinking about Felicity's sex life, while Felicity's just thinking about the pooch.

So she asks Javier to look out for it, but he's got more pressing issues (something about his cat, Mami). Meanwhile, David stops by, and Javier decides that Lucky and Mami just aren't suited for each other.

Sean's not suited to Lucky, either, which Felicity finds out the hard way -- when she witnesses the shredding of Julie's new shirt by said pooch.

Meanwhile, Ben learns that Maggie is still interested. In him, that is.

Sean's still interested too -- in Julie, who's walking around in her bra. She learns that her new shirt has been torn by a dog, while Sean learns that 1) Seven is an actual name, and 2) she's gonna have sex, Jack.

Felicity's gonna have sex, too, only without the Jack (just the David). To David, this signifies that he's 'getting lucky' in two ways, even though he's really getting lucky in one way (yes, the dog)--since Lucky's presence doesn't exactly put Felicity in the mood.

This in turn leads Elena to conclude that Felicity's got sex issues. If a zillion other dog owners in the country manage to score, she can, too.

Julie's also thinking about scoring --but unfortunately for Sean, not with him (she's still hung up on Jack). This distracts Sean, as does her partially open robe--until Ben interrupts their session with his own problems (breaking up a marriage, or something).

So Felicity leaves Lucky with Meghan, who's using her computer anyway (and therefore owes her one).

Ben thinks he may getting lucky, too--especially when Maggie shows up and hands him a gold card. No, it's not a Visa, but it does open the door to a certain hotel room where they can engage in certain activities, if he so chooses (I'll refrain from commenting here).

When Felicity returns to the dorm, Lucky's not only missing, but sharing a brewsky with her advisees.

Meanwhile, Ben learns that Maggie has a butterfly tattoo near her heiny, while Felicity and David learn more about each other too -- carnally, that is. Even though Felicity thinks that no home for Lucky = sex omen (or something).

This may very well be the case, especially when Lucky bites Noel, then pees on one of his models. But no, the house didn't need a pool. So Noel calls Felicity while she's in the middle of making out with David, who in turn uses Lucky (once again) as an excuse to avoid scoring. Even though it's just a little flesh wound.

But the real reason Felicity is avoiding sex is probably because she's a romantic -- at least that's Noel's theory. Even though he and Ruby have no qualms about doing it.

Ben isn't having any qualms, either, although that picture of Maggie's husband catches him off guard (let's just call him Gigolo Boy from now on).

At the vets', Felicity learns that Lucky has distemper, and that he must be put to sleep.

Meanwhile, David has just spent ninety bucks on a crate for the dying pooch, whose distemper Felicity manages to avoid talking about. They argue instead, and David points out that she's not trying to make things work.

At the vets', while Felicity and Noel say goodbye to Lucky, David stops by.

Being the animal psychic that he is, Javier is saddened by the news of Lucky's death. But more importantly, Ben comes face to face with Maggie's husband when he orders a cake for their anniversary (complete with 'butterfly heiny' decoration).

So Felicity tells David that she's never done it with anyone she's cared about -- which may be why she's avoiding the whole sex thing. After yet another make out session (how many of these do we need to see, anyway?), they finally do it.

So now the mystery is gone -- which Noel learns the next morning, over cereal. Or whatever.

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