#2.8 Family Affairs

"Tofurkey." -Sean

Aired November 21, 1999

Written by Andrea Newman, Directed by Ken Olin

Guests: Henry Lubatti, Jr. (David), Erich Anderson (Mr. Porter), Eve Gordon (Mrs. Porter), Teri Polo (Maggie), Ian Gomez (Javier), David Starsky (Charlie the husband guy), Sally Kirkland (Annie Sherman), Michael Pena (Burky)



Felicity may be a freaky sexaholic, as Meghan sees it, but there are more important things to consider. Like her parents --who are waiting outside their door.

So the 'rents make Thanksgiving plans to go out to dinner - David included. Which is a little surprising for Felicity (that, and Meghan's recycling campaign).

Meanwhile, Javier is handing Ben cash over the table, or rather, under it, in exchange for a little extra work during the holidays. Roommates included.

Elena's thinking about her roommates, too, when she invites Felicity and company to their place for Thanksgiving chow. And yes, a patella is a bone.

But more importantly, you can deep fry a turkey. That's what Sean learns before he finally meets Ben's older woman, who is the surprising source of his extra holiday income.

Unfortunately, Felicity wasn't able to prepare -- for her parents' visit, that is. She gets the third degree over dinner (her hair, her new major, and her yucky older boyfriend, for starters).

While Meghan is taking Thanksgiving orders, Felicity finds yucky older guy at her doorstep, who announces that his mom wants to meet her parents. Or something.

Ben's busy meeting people too, like Maggie's husband -- a real nice guy.

And last but not least, Javier finally gets to meet Felicity's mom, who has a gift for yucky older guy.

But more importantly, professors should not come to people's houses (they should stay in school, where they belong). Meanwhile, Felicity is worrying about the seriousness of her freaky relationship with older guy -- and Elena advises that she watch his reaction when he gets the gift from Ma Porter.

So Julie and Sean finally get to meet older lady's husband (a real nice guy), who thanks Ben for the cake he sold him last week.

Yucky older guy is thankful too -- so much, that he bought a gift for what he perceives as his future in-laws, a book about New York (just what every in-law wants). Which doesn't make Felicity too happy. Especially when he mentions the L-word.

So Felicity decides she's the Ben of this situation, while Elena just wants her to stay mum as the guests start arriving (the professor, Gilligan, Skipper...)

Back at the catering brouhaha, Maggie's husband guy makes a toast, while Julie walks in on Ben and Maggie nibbling at each other. Without the muffins.

At Elena's, Annie is busy spiking the Thanksgiving punch when Meghan arrives unexpectedly. Felicity listens to 200 proof Annie rave about her son's newfound happiness.

Ben's not doing any raving, though, and Julie decides she's tired of calling interference - while wondering aloud if that older chick is really worth it, anyway.

Meghan's advisees aren't worth it, though, and when David finally arrives with the pumpkin pie, he apologizes to Felicity for admitting his feelings (Meghan's just wondering when someone's gonna fight).

Maggie admits a few truths herself when she announces that Ben's the guy she's been sleeping with- though that nice guy she's married to can't say he hasn't been doing the same.

Elsewhere, Felicity unhappily learns that David's been invited to the Porters for Christmas, and Noel and Felicity reminisce over exploding sweet potatoes with a tipsy little kiss. In the midst of it, Annie walks in on them.

This leads to Annie's evil eye over dinner, and Meghan's request for bones -- until David learns about the kiss, along with the rest of the gang (Gilligan, et al).

But the real lesson of this episode is not infidelity, spiked punch, or Noel's kissing techniques-- it's tofurkey. Which is really good slathered with Smoothaise. For Ben, the lesson is to never date a muffin-ordering caterer, who happens to be married.

So Felicity says goodbye to Ma and Pa Kettle, and learns that Ma actually wanted to strike 200 proof Annie -- the one interesting thing that should have occurred, but didn't. Which was disappointing.

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