old news

dates: 2.9.00 thru 3.30.00

3.30.00 Felicity fights back: check out Ultimate TV's article about Felicity's possible cancellation.

3.30.00 Okay, so it's a form letter. But at least it's something. Check out Jamie Kellner's official e-mail message about Felicity's (possible) cancellation.

3.29.00 TV appearances: The cast of Felicity will appear on MTV's FANatic on April 7 -- check out the WB's official scoop for details. Also, Dash Mihok, a.k.a. Lynn, a.k.a. Ben's old swimtrunk wearing drinking buddy, has been cast in a pilot for Fox to be produced by Nancy Pimenthal.

3.29.00 On the big screen: According to the Hollywood Reporter, Scott Speedman is the first major star to officially sign onto Dwight Little's "Wheel Man."

3.29.00 The cancellation rumor: Unfortunately, it's true. According to an official source on the show, Felicity is in grave danger of being cancelled should the show not do exceedingly well on its new Wednesday night slot. To show your support, send in a cassette tape (a.l.a. Sally) or write a letter or send an e-mail -- it could mean a world of difference. Click here for details.

3.24.00 Amy Jo Johnson and Keri Russell & Scott Speedman are all mentioned (separately, that is) in E!Online Ted's latest dish.

3.24.00 Felicity has been nominated by GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) for best drama.

3.24.00 In case you've missed the "Javier promos" (you know, the ones where he talks to Sally), there's a website where you can view them. However, I do believe that you have to have a certain kind of media player to do so. Click on "TV Shows" at the main site to get to the Felicity stuff (it should be under "Promos").

3.24.00 TV appearances: Scott Foley will be on the Rosie O'Donnell show on Friday, March 31; Amy Smart will appear in NBC's mini-series "The Seventies" starting Sunday, April 30; L.B. Fisher (you know, weird Carl guy), will appear in VH1's "Monkees" movie.

3.23.00 From Soap Opera Digest: Michael Pena, a.k.a. Burky, a.k.a. pesky "Gnat-with-a-G" advisee to Felicity, has been cast in the Steven Spielberg drama Semper Fi, which chronicles the experiences of young Marine recruits. The series, slated for NBC, also features Scott Bairstow (ex-Ned, Party of Five) and Steve Burton (General Hospital).

3.18.00 To say, or not to say dick: that is the question (and to be 63% sure about it, another question).

3.18.00 According to EW, Scott Speedman's next role (post Duets, that is) will be as a "prodigy getaway driver" in "The Wheelman," a thriller helmed by Dwight Little. In English, he will play the guy who helps a bunch of twenty-something bank robbers escape.

3.18.00 'Zine sightings: Both Scotts are among the 50 most beautiful guys in the latest edition of YM (Dawson, er, James Van Der Beek, on the cover); Keri Russell and Scott Speedman are mentioned in the 3/21 issue of Soap Opera Digest (something about their blossoming romance).

3.18.00 Check out Ultimate TV's neato interview with J.J. Abrams, Felicity's exec producer. What's really cool is that he mentions me at the end of it... (not to toot my own horn. But what the heck. It's the part about the girl who wrote the letter and got to visit the set).

3.18.00 Cosmo is having a poll to rate celebrity guys for their "All About Men" feature. Yup, both Scotts are on there, along with Pacey, Dawson, and the dude from Roswell (you know, the one who used to hang out with Pacey and Dawson).

3.12.00 Teri Polo, a.k.a. Maggie Muffins, a.k.a. Ben's psychic Japanese-speaking caterer, is set to star in the TNT original movie "Second String" along with Gil "should have stayed a brunette" Bellows of Ally McBeal. The film is about a group of bench warmers who go all the way to the Superbowl, or something.

3.12.00 Rumor Mill: According to Tino, Ryan Seacrest of the L.A.-based radio station Star 98.7 announced on the radio that a friend of a friend of a friend saw Keri Russell and Scott Speedman kissing (each other, I assume) somewhere within the vicinity of Mexico, possibly Baja. And the slow news week continues...

3.10.00 Greg Grunberg (Sean) will be chatting at www.felicity.com on Thursday, March 23 at 8-9 pm ET / 5-6 pm PT.

3.9.00 There's a cool article (I'm trying to make use of new adjectives, here) from Salon.com that discusses the subject of abortion in TV land. And yes, it has to do with Felicity --not to mention Ruby and what's-his-name.

3.9.00 Amanda Foreman (Meghan) appears in this month's Teen People. She models prom dresses along with other WB stars, but no Felicity cast members. According to Rachael, she looks very "non-Meghan."

3.9.00 Speaking of Astrid, I was recently browsing my local video store when I came across a movie not only starring "former Alphabet Girl," but also written by her. Her real name is Marissa Ribisi, and the movie is called "Some Girl." [And yes, I know it's a slow news week when there's not one, but two, Astrid sightings... the real intent of this post being, send me spoilers. Or fan fiction. I'll take anything]. **addendum to this post: JMS recently informed me that not only is Marissa is the twin sister of Giovanni Ribisi, but has a filmography as long as his (you know, the guy who played Phoebe's brother on Friends). Her film credits include True Crime, Pleasantville, The Brady Bunch Movie, and Dazed & Confused.

3.2.00 Check out this interesting article about the WB & UPN ratings. Not only do they throw in Felicity's hair, but wrestling, Dawson's Creek, and the Jaleel White sitcom "Grown Ups" (which, incidentally, stars the old resident advisor, Astrid the Alphabet Girl, from Felicity).

3.2.00 The WB is 'shaking up' their spring lineup. Click here for the WB news article, and here for one from AOL--which essentially says the same thing.

3.2.00 Scott Foley was a presenter at the TV Guide Awards on March 5.

3.2.00 Scott Speedman is featured in the March 2000 issue of Detour magazine. According to Sam, he sounds like a pretty humble guy.

3.1.00 According to Janine Jones, a WB exec, Felicity will move to Wednesday nights starting April 5. Here's the official word from Janine: "Just want to make sure all of you know that starting on April 5 Felicity will move to Wednesday Nights at 9:00 p.m. following Dawson's Creek. Eight original episodes will air consecutively which will take you to the end of the season. Can't tell you what's coming up...don't want to spoil the surprises...but hoping you all like it. As always, thanks for your continued interest in Felicity." [note to Roswell fans: this show will move to Mondays at 9, following Seventh Heaven].

3.1.00 For all you Los Angeles area people (or not), Amy Jo Johnson will be performing live on March 25 at the Highland Grounds. You might have to pay a cover fee at the door, but, according to Andrea, you probably won't need to buy tickets.

3.1.00 Baffled by Felicity's lack of success? Well, so is Ken Tucker of Entertainment Weekly. Comparing Felicity to Freaks and Geeks, he explains why Felicity should theoretically be a hit, while F&G should not. Hmm.

3.1.00 Weekly ratings: 2.4 for the week of 2/26. Again, that should be in millions, by individuals. I think.

2.27.00 Scott Foley is featured in a milk ad -- you know, the mustache ones -- in the latest TV Guide.

2.27.00 In case you're wondering where you've seen Greg (Chris Martin, a.k.a. Mean Hair Guy) before, word on the street is that he used to be on "Madison," a Canadian teen angst show. Apparently, Phil Collins' daughter was one of his co-stars. Not that this has anything to do with Felicity.

2.23.00 Felicity is mentioned in the March issue of Glamour (p. 198, "Forever-Young Fever"). According to a Felicity list member, it's about some editor who really likes the show, or something. The article also explains why people over 20 are hooked on this show about, er, 19 and 20 year olds.

2.19.00 Can't get enough of those hunky Scott boys? Check out Seventeen's interview with Scott Foley, and a short article about the latest woes behind Scott Speedman's new flick, Duets.

2.19.00 Missed Scott Speedman's www.felicity.com chat? Check out Keith's sounds and pictures or download the Real Audio file.

2.19.00 Ratings info: Felicity scored a 2.6 for the February 13th episode (in case you're wondering, outlook not good, as Noel would say). That's in millions, by the way.

2.19.00 Calling all Felicity FANatics: according to those pesky MTV people, now's your last chance to be on MTV's Felicity FANatic segment. "If you consider yourself The Cast Of Felicity's #1 fan, or know someone who is, please call DINA@ (212) 654-6044. You can call collect!" Me again: someone, please call them. You can also e-mail them.

2.19.00 According to TV Land's list of the top 2000 things about television, Felicity is #1271; the character of Felicity is #1830, and the character of Javier, #703.

2.13.00 Amy Smart, a.k.a. Ruby, is one of E!Online's Sizzlin' 16 stars.

2.13.00 More awful truths, courtesy of E!Online's Ted Casablanca: check out his latest dish on the Scott Speedman / Keri Russell (alleged) romance thing.

2.13.00 Ratings news: While the WB may be losing viewers overall, it hasn't slipped with a core demographic, female teens. Ranking #1 for the week, the WB outpaced CBS among females ages 12-34, with the following shows (and their respective household ratings) propelling it to the top: 7th Heaven (#1, 11.9/36), Popular (#3, 9.1/25), Charmed (#6, 7.1/20), Jack & Jill (#8, 6.6/20) and Felicity (#10, 5.9/17).

2.13.00 Jennifer Garner, a.k.a. Hanna, a.k.a. Romy on Time of Your Life, a.k.a. Scott Foley's real life girlfriend, is featured in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest (Feb. 15, p. 73). The article mentions her short stint on Felicity (as Noel's ex), in addition to her current stint on Time of Your Life.

2.10.00 Scott news: Scott Speedman will be chatting live at www.felicity.com on Thursday, Feb. 17 (this was supposed to be the day of Tangi Miller's chat, but hers got pushed back to May). Also, there's a nice pic of Scott Foley and his real life girlfriend, Jennifer Garner, in E!Online's "Out and About."

2.09.00 Check out this article about the WB's slipping viewership, which for the 1,098,987 time mentions Felicity's hair as being suspect. There is also a short mention of Felicity in TV Guide, in which the author (finally!) defends the haircut, citing the move to Sunday nights as the more likely culprit of the ratings decline.

2.09.00 Magazine / video / performance sightings: There is a picture of Keri Russell at the Golden Globes on p. 3 of the latest issue of People (Michael J. Fox on the cover); Tangi Miller has been spotted in yet another of Ol' Dirty Bastard's videos (the one without the derogatory name); Amy Jo Johnson performed live in concert in Chicago this past Saturday (Feb. 5). Check out a cool fan review of her performance.

2.09.00 Scott Foley was on the Craig Kilborn show on Wednesday, Feb. 9. Speaking of which, check out the official Scream 3 website for more info. on Scott's new flick (apparently, he has a pretty big role in it).