Date Source Title Subject
3.2.00 AOL WB shifts Roswell, Felicity WB lineup
3.1.00 The WB WB Shakeup WB lineup
3.1.00 EW Show down Felicity's lack of success
2.00 Seventeen Felicity's Mr. Sensitive cuts to the chase... Scott Foley interview
2.00 E!Online Sizzlin' sixteen 2000 Amy Smart
2.10.00 E!Online The awful truth Keri & Scott S.
2.00 The Associated Press WB's prime time audience slipping WB shows
1.27.00 E!Online The awful truth Keri & Scott S.
1.26.00 Will success spoil Janeane Garofalo? Janeane Garofalo
1.20.00 Felicity falls into... the Twilight Zone Twilight Zone episode
1.21.00 New York Times Back to the 50's with Felicity Twilight Zone episode
1.19.00 Houston Chronicle Cut down the hair
1.19.00 Welcome to the Twilight Zone, Felicity the hair
1.19.00 TV Guide Hair and there on the WB the hair
1.17.00 Toronto Sun Buzz over new cut the show, the 'do
1.17.00 People Felicity's receding hairline the 'do
1.7.00 EW Felicity enters the Zone Twilight Zone episode
1.00 Teen Felicity Porter on Felicity the show
12.99 Jump Cream of the crop Keri Russell
10.99 Jane Keri Russell, everyone's best friend Keri Russell
9.27.99 EW Daily Keri package Review of premiere
9.27.99 Oh no! Not Ben! Review of premiere
9.27.99 People Talking with Keri Russell Keri Russell
9.13.99 Vanity Fair unknown Scott Speedman
9.10.99 Mr. Showbiz Juliette Lewis weds skateboarder Todd Mulcahy
9.9.99 TV Guide Felicity star comes out of the closet Keri Russell
9.6.99 TV Guide Returning favorites: Sunday roster the show
9.3.99 Dish This! Felicity loses the locks the hair
8.30.99 Mr. Showbiz Love on Felicity set Scott Foley
8.30.99 TV Guide Love blooms on Felicity set Scott Foley
8.29.99 TV Guide Wryly Weston Riley Weston
8.16.99 TV Guide TV's sexiest stars Foley . Miller
7.26.99 E!Online Felicity wants a raise? the mini.strike
7.26.99 EW Online Keri'd away the mini.strike
7.8.99 Ultimate TV Felicity star rocks on VH1 Amy Jo Johnson
6.18.99 EW Online The IT List: Scott Speedman Scott Speedman