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dates: 9.29.99 thru 1.28.00

1.28.00 The adventures of Keri Russell and Scott Speedman, and their looks-like-it's-true real life romance (maybe I should start a new column) are summed up in Ted Casablanca's post-Globe commentary -- the Golden Globes, that is. Click here for the awful truth.

1.28.00 In yet more Keri and Scott S. news, it looks like both are being considered for lead roles for the upcoming "Pearl Harbor" epic produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay. Their competition includes Charlize Theron (Keri's competition, anyway), Gene Hackman, Ed Burns, and some other people.

1.28.00 Janeane Garofalo, the voice of Felicity's unseen high school French tutor Sally (and the inner voice of the CSFWS's WDK, as well), is mentioned in an interesting article from Salon.com about her upcoming HBO series. Oh, and they mention Felicity a few times, too.

1.23.00 In the news: There is a behind-the-scenes type article on Felicity in the February issue of MXG (Brendan Fehr on the cover), and three (count 'em) reviews on, of course, the upcoming 'Twilight Zone' episode -- in the Los Angeles Times, the Jan. 7 issue of EW, and the New York Times. Overall, the episode has gotten pretty good reviews, and a whole heck of a lot of press (giving Keri's hair a run for its money, I'd say).

1.23.00 Felicity has been nominated by the ASC (American Society of Cinematographers) as a finalist for outstanding cinematography in a drama for Todd Mulcahy, part 2.

1.21.00 Check out this cool article from Salon.com about the upcoming Twilight Zone episode, which describes how the Felicity producers brought the "Twilight" idea to life through Lamont Johnson, a former TZ director who directed this episode.

1.20.00 Mad About Mambo, one of Keri Russell's many unreleased indie-type films, finally hits video. And yes, even though the subject of this short article is "Mambo," they mention the hair. Which is annoying.

1.20.00 The Hairy Truth: apparently, the folks at the WB think that Keri Russell's hair is to blame for the decline in ratings, since a variety of shear-worthy articles have appeared in the last few days linking the cropped locks with the drops (sorry, I can't help it). They are, respectively, from the Houston Chronicle, a newspaper in Jacksonville (ed. note: this one's pretty good), and of course, TV Guide (which features a really cute picture of Keri Russell, by the way).

1.20.00 Scott Foley is in the latest issue of US magazine, in a short article describing his fear of scary movies (he'll appear in his first feature film, Scream 3, this February).

1/19/00 Entertainment Weekly has reviewed the Twilight Zone episode, and given it an "A": click here for the review.

1.19.00 Attention all Felicity fanatics! MTV is looking for fans of the show to appear on its Felicity FANatic segment... this could be you! (okay, that sounds cheesy, but so what). Anyways, here's the official press release from MTV (note: the caps aren't mine): "MTV's hit show FANatic WANTS YOU! Right now, we are searching for The Cast Of Felicity's #1 devoted fan to meet and interview them on our show! If you consider yourself The Cast Of Felicity's #1 fan,or know someone who is, please call DINA@ (212) 654-6044. You can call collect! You may also E-MAIL your information to Jessica.Montemayor@mtv.com. Please make sure to include: Name, Age, Telephone Number with your three digit area code and the celebrity's name. Thanks and we hope to hear from you as soon as possible!!! Also, you can catch us on the web on MTV Online or just go directly to our site: fanatic.mtv.com."

1.19.00 In the news: Keri Russell's 'do has been blamed for poor ratings by the network (Oh my!); Felicity has been nominated by GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) for best drama.

1.17.00 There is a short interview of Scott Foley is in this month's Instyle Magazine (Winona Ryder on the cover) in which he mentions his relationship with Jennifer Garner (Hanna). Scott was also spotted on one of those "The More You Know" type commercials -- you know, where he urges viewers to stay in school & off drugs, buy an I-Mac over a PC, etc.

1.14.00 For those of you not yet tired of hearing about Keri Russell's hair, check out this even longer article from the Toronto Sun -- which mentions the receding hairline, plus some observations about the show from the producers.

1.12.00 Check out this short article about Felicity's receding hairline... and the Samson effect.

1.06.00 In case you're wondering whatever happened to Richard "barbecue boy and former hand-modeling entrepreneur" (a.k.a. Noel Crane's more interesting sidekick), click here to check out his band (as in music). Oh, and he's listed as "Rob Benedict," not "Robert Patrick Benedict," in case you're wondering.

1.03.00 In addition to being named best show in EW and Soap Opera Digest, Felicity has also been honored as one of TV's best by TV Guide, and the WB.

12.20.99 E!Online's gift wish list for stars features our favorite frizz headed sophomore at the top of the list: check it out!

12.20.99 Felicity is one of 1999's best prime time TV shows in the Dec. 21st issue of Soap Opera Digest (really). The show was also honored as the 10th best show of 1999 by Entertainment Weekly.

12.12.99 Missed Amy Jo Johnson's felicity.com chat? Listen to the interview in Real Audio or download it (according to Keith the spoiler boy, it was "great!" -- exclamation point included).

11.28.99 Ratings info: Unfortunately, our favorite frizz-headed sophomore continues to nosedive in the ratings, dropping below (double gasp!) Steve Harvey. In the last two weeks, Felicity pulled in 3.4 million viewers, as compared with the WB's highest rated show, 7th Heaven, which garnered 8.1 million viewers (Steve Harvey got 3.5 million viewers). Uh oh.

11.28.99 E-bay items for sale: a picture of "Keri Russell in park filming show" (which is the actual title, by the way). Also for sale are the first 6 episodes of Felicity on tape, sans commercials. "See Felicity and Noel start to fall in love for the first time" (I'm quoting).

11.17.99 Check out E!Online's interview with Scott Speedman, who dishes the dirt (well, sort of) on Keri's hair, rumors on his leaving the show, his upcoming flick with Gwyneth, and more.

11.14.99 According the the weekly Nielsen ratings, Felicity continues to take a nosedive, dropping below (gasp!) Safe Harbor. Felicity received 3.27 million viewers (week of 11/7), as compared to Charmed's 5.28 million, and newcomer Popular's 3.46 million viewers. Which leads to...

10.14.99 Tangi Miller was spotted in "Ol' Dirty Bastard's" latest music video (I can't bring myself to say the title, since it has a racially derogatory term in it). According to Brian, she is standing to the right of a woman with a huge Afro who is singing.

10.12.99 According to E!Online's Wanda (who was barraged with mail on this topic), Scott Speedman is not leaving Felicity--at least according to her well placed source. So all you Ben fans (including yours truly) can rest easy.

10.03.99 Thinking of buying the book, "Felicity's summer vacation?" Well, think no more! And while you're at it, check out Stephanie's review of "the book from hell," as she calls it. Speaking of reviews, check out Caroline's review of the season premiere--which was quoted by Wanda.

9.29.99 Missed Tangi Miller's AOL chat? Click here to read the transcript.